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Sweden agrees to extradite man to Turkey in wake of NATO deal


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Credit card fraud doesn't have to be petty. Organized gangs can do over $10M/yr, easily, especially if they are working in tourist areas.

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This is wrong on many levels and it smells of trickery.

Turkey are not NATO. And Sweden had not applied to join the Turkish army.

Turkey are only one out of many nations in NATO.

Yet Turkey are like a tail that is wagging the NATO dog.

I m not prepared to believe that this guy is not PKK, and they are pretending he is an average criminal.

If he was an average criminal would Turkey make such a big deal about his extradition?

No, they wouldn't. Think about it. Disappointed in Sweden either way for capitulating to a fascist state.

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Disappointed in Sweden either way for capitulating to a fascist state.

Better than being invaded by a fascist state. Ukraine learned that the hard way.

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Bronco - what would your prefer that Sweden do? Extradite this guy or not?

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