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Sweden has around 62,000 persons linked to criminal gangs, police say


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They also have gangs from eastern Europe. The 62,000 figure is about double Japan's number of designated gang members, which makes it quite impressive considering the difference between the two countries' populations.

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The 62,000 figure is about double Japan's number of designated gang members, 

Be careful how you compare statistics for the two countries. That 62,000 is composed of 14,000 active gang members and another 48,000 who are supposedly connected in some way to those 14,000 active members. The article doesn't specify what those connections are. Are they relatives, employers, their lawyers, or something else? Does the Japanese figure count only the active criminals or does it also include people connected to them and are the connections the same as those used in the Swedish study?

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The largest and most powerful criminal organizations in Sweden are domestic biker gangs. Foreign born youth dominate local street gangs but they are mostly eastern European immigrants or their children. Transnational crime in Sweden is likewise dominated by Eastern Europeans.

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