Sweden, Finland push ahead with NATO bids as Turkey objects


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Yes, 6 years ago, the EU decided they weren't going to let Turkey join their Christian club, and claimed that it wasn't due to prejudice against Turks.

Of course, that rang somewhat false with the population of Turkey, especially given that the rest of NATO and the EU seem to view Turkey as inferior

Whether that played a role in the Turkish government decision to block this expansion or not, the way the announcements by the various governments driving the NATO expansionist drive are worded, almost as if they expect that a stern lecture will force Turkey to knuckle under, are definitely not going to make it easy for the democratically elected government of Turkey to reverse its position.

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Turkey can play ball or find itself alone and unprotected like Ukraine did. But if that happens I don't see the world lining up to support it. Erdogen can try to squeeze something out of NATO on this but if they walk, he's up the creek.

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Sweden, Finland push ahead with NATO bids as Turkey objects:

It does appear that Turkey has little say in NATO. Despite its objection, other NATO members would be happy to welcome Sweden & Finland.

Would Erdogan not feel anything?

He has been unceremoniously sidelined..

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If Turkey wants to block Finland and/or Sweden, then Turkey can get the boot from NATO. Turkey is becoming to NATO as Russia is to the United Nations - useless.

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Erdogan is just playing tough guy for his home audience, and maybe trying to squeeze some concession out of NATO to continue his attacks on the Kurds in Iraq without interference. If he actually had power to block Finland and Sweden from joining NATO, he would have done so privately a few months ago instead of waiting until there was near universal support and making a public display. BTW, Turkish drones and other weapons sales have been of great help to Ukraine and there is no indication Turkey will stop the supply.

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Here is another point of view on the subject of Turkish objections to the Finns and Swedes joining NATO. He knows he is already on thin ice within the alliance and objecting to the Finns and Swedes joining NATO will leave Turkey isolated and shunned in a way Turkey can't afford.

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@theFu, here is an example of what bugs the Sultan of Ankara so much. Some of the principals of this website are under indictment in Turkey

The Turks seek his extradition from Sweden but the Swedes refuse, considering the Turkish indictment to be meritless political persecution.

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Turkey was frustrated that they didn't get into the EU. Some of their planned new laws at the time were the reason provided. The Erdogan jailed a reporter, that was it.

Part of the problem is that EU citizens have free relocation to any other EU country and the idea of being 1 hop from the Middle East before hassle relocation becomes possible for refugees is a little scary to Europe.

This is Turkey's payback moment, I suppose.

OTOH, perhaps Russia would like some more population and will invite the refugees there?

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