Swedish royal couple turned away from German restaurant


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“Whether you’re a street sweeper or queen—we just didn’t have a table or enough manpower in the kitchen at that time and our hands were tied.”

Fair enough. She was hosting a wedding party. I would only send them a letter if it meant more publicity for my restaurant.

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I am so glad for this hard-hitting and all important investigative reporting. Just when I thought journalists were getting lazy!

Nevertheless, Schellenberger and her husband Michael plan to send a letter to King Carl XVI Gustaf and German-born Queen Silvia to apologize.

Oh God! How people have fought to get out from under the boot of royality and here is someone going to lick those boots!

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No apologies necessary. They were busy and didn't have a table available.

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OMG! My tears flow and flow for these 2 hungry Swedish royals, they were not recognized?? Too bad! Try the drive through at Mc Donalds, they recognize that you are hungry right away!

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She hit it right the first time. They were busy and there was no table for anyone. Fair enough. No apology needed.

What is it with people and royalty? Didn't thousands of years of repression, violence and domination by "royal" classes teach people anything at all? How many died world wide to throw off the chains these people forged over all those centuries? And here we are still longing for kings, queens, princesses and princes.

Shameful! No one individual, no matter what blood flows in his or her veins is any more or less important than another human being.

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Why is this "news"?

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No apology needed, but as DentShop says, this whole thing is just publicity for the restaurant. (not really news. original reporter must be a friend of the restauranteur.)

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I read nowhere that these royals demanded a table, or demanded an aplology. I do read though, that they just went their way without divulging who they actually were and it seems they were happy to knibble on a pizza elsewhere.

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Gee, what is the news in that. The restaurant was full, period. I don´t understand what the restaurant owner should apologize for.

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The sort of incident that once led to wars; nowadays it is in the outcome of the Eurovision Song Contest where slights to national pride like this get settled.

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Another reason why I always carry my crown and scepter with me.

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At least her reason wasn't because they were gaikokujin....

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Heh, can't hurt them being shown what life can be like for us commoners from time to time.

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So what would you do then if you recognized them at that time without any table available?

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Sounds very civil- "Oh, no tables available, well we'll go have pizza instead." I could easily image them demanding a table because "we're the king & queen of Sweden." Or maybe that would be more probable if they were celebrities instead of royals....

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the Swedish couple has class which is sorely missing from those so called celebrities

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Yeah, I think we can assume they weren't dressed the same as they are in that picture up there.... Nice that they (apparently) didn't make a big deal about it.

So if the lady at the restaurant didn't recognize them, who did? Who told her? Could it possibly have been the person who wrote this report?

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