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Swiss police uncover international child pornography ring


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Punish the people that use the stuff. The distributors will move onto something else if there is no market for this filth. Just attacking the distributors alone won't stop others from stepping in trying to make a buck. Go after the users AND the distributors and we'd perhaps get somewhere in the fight against child pornography.

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The obviously-eternally uninformed moderators have just removed my post as being "Offensive/Vulgar." And with NO evidence for that designation. So let me post it again. Seems I am becoming persona non-grata. Don’t worry, I’ve assembled a web page with their stupid comments, soon to be unveiled.

High society in Japan has a long history of child sexual abuse. (Check your history books.) Middle and lower classes in Japan have also dabbled. Many ancestors of the current Diet membership are renowned to have had adult-child sexual encounters, and enjoyed images thereof. Same is said to be true of the current Diet population. Go on, do your research.

The same applies to the Papacy. Enjoyment of paedophilia and its images are long known to be favourites in the Vatican. This is widely documented. Check it out for yourself. Start with the Borghese family.

For the moderators on this site to dismiss my submission, out of hand, as “Offensive/Vulgar” is to publicly declare their ignorance of both history and society. Just to whom do you owe what to keep this job? Shame on you. Heed Kruschev’s words: “Better they think you a fool than to open your mouth and prove them right.”

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Weird that someone was using a hip-hop forum to trade child porn. Well, many arrests should follow good work and hats off to the Swiss authorities.

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i like hip hop... whats the url??

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LIBERTAS, what nonsense. This is more Japan bashing as usual. Europeans come to Japan and try to enforce their standards. In this case it is a flat out lie. On Okinawa military spouses try to get beer vending machines taken away because their kids will use them. They try and enforce their other rules, about what is porn and what is not. Your thread is “Offensive/Vulgar” and should be removed.

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areorockulum is right. These people should all be taken down. Good job Swiss police. They should embed some officers in Japan.

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YuriOtani: While I think Libertas was out of line in much of his post, I think you have chosen to focus on a small part and tie it into some out-of-context argument. I agree that many other cultures try to push their culture onto Japanese society when it comes to laws/things they don't like, but where does that negate the comments Libertas made about Japanese society enjoying images of this sort (and often not charged for having them -- only for uploading/downloading them)?

Your point about a mom at an Okinawan military base is well taken, but not well served in the context of your argument (as in, off-topic).

I'm glad that they caught these people and busted the ring, and I hope they get useful information to bust any more that may exist. It's a sick world that allows this to go on, and child-pornography needs to be stopped and wiped out completely.

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2000 people in 78 countries and just one ring? Either someone is inflating their numbers or something along those lines, in order to show what a great job they are doing, or else child porn is a whole lot more popular than we thought!

smithinjapan- "and child-pornography needs to be stopped and wiped out completely."

Aiming for impossible goals often yeilds bad results, such as getting the exact opposite of what you intended. This war on child porn has been going on about as long as any other modern war on illegal activity. What can be done has been done and I think the law of diminishing returns has taken hold. But if you are a corrections officer or lawyer or judge or an interest group champion fund sucker, there is everything to gain by pushing this more by such actions as inflating numbers and expanding the definitions of what child porn is and what a child sex offender is and driving punishments through the roof.

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The most amazing thing about LIBERTAS' post is that I cannot decide what side he is on. Is ranting against child sex abuse or trying to promote it? Just like the numbers on this child porn ring, he seems to be telling us how popular this is. And just when you thought it was safe to be completely reactionary about this

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Of all the "wars" on stuff (drugs, terror, X-mas) that (mostly) American presidents (and blowhard radio/TV hosts) declare, the war on child-porn is probably one of the most noble and I don't mind money going into fighting it (as long as the money is going to the right places, not being wasted by going after the wrong people). Is it really such an impossible goal to eradicate child porn and punish/rehabilitate users? Probably. I don't think what can be done has been done. These agencies are always going after the distributors. My first post makes the point that if you go after the distributors, that doesn't address the problem as there are millions (sadly) of users out there who will turn to other distributors to get what they "need". Go after these users, the distributors will move on to other money-making ventures, and the number of sex-crimes against children in order to fuel the child-porn canon will decrease dramatically. I think that's worth fighting for.

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aerockyulhim-"Go after these users, the distributors will move on to other money-making ventures, "

Define "go after the users"? There seems to be a lot out there. How to get them all? How to make them uninterested in child porn? How did they get interested in the first place? I hope you are not going to say child porn itself got them interested, because its not like I have stumbled on any while browsing the local book store. You got to already want it to find it. So what is your brilliant plan besides throwing money at the problem? You think we will ever have enough money to lock up anyone who has ever looked at child porn? I am sure certain people who profit hugely from this impossible goal through our tax money hope you say yes.

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So you're saying it's genetic? If that was a proven fact, then fine, I'm with you. Why don't we punish the users the way that most countries punish the users of drugs? Guns? Anything else deemed illegal? We all accept that child porn is bad, yet governemtns don't go after the users with the same zeal that they go after users of other illegal things. And obviously I'm not saying that just because you looked at something you should be punished. We all see things inadvertently and that doesn't make us criminals. Users is generally defined as regular users, isn't it? That's the way we use the word, right? I may have missed it, but exactly who are the people other than the distributors and makers (who I don't believe I said should be let off the hook either, they AND the users should be dealt with) who are profiting hugely from child porn? I really, really hope you're not dismissing this sort of "war on child porn" as unnecessary and positing that the users are just giving in to their instincts/desires, so why not let them? I'm not really understanding your vehemence at going after child porn.

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sorry, my spelling of governments got mangled up there

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"So you're saying it's genetic? "

No, I am just asking you a question, several questions actually. They were not rhetorical.

"I really, really hope you're not dismissing this sort of "war on child porn" as unnecessary and positing that the users are just giving in to their instincts/desires, so why not let them?"

No, I said that what can be done has been done, yet the problem persists. It might actually be getting worse. It depends on how you look at it.

but exactly who are the people other than the distributors and makers

The definition of child sex offenses and child porn are both expanding all the time. Age of consent keeps going up, teens taking pictures of themselves is being deemed child porn, even completely fictional stories typed on paper can be called illegal child porn! Who profits by this expansion? Lawyers, correction officers, interest groups, etc. Cops get more work to do, those who build prisons get more contracts, sales of GPS devices go up, etc. etc. It all rides on what was a reasonable outrage being twisted into the unreasonable and the impossible, you know, unless you have some brilliant idea that is going to make the problem go away outside of what is being done and not working to reduce the problem anymore than it already has. That is, if it has at all.

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One more profiteer in all this. The mass media. They have zero interest in reasonable effective solutions. The longer this goes on, the more this spirals by reactive overbearing attempts to squash it from the face of the Earth, while simulateously making the problem worse and generating more outrage and over-reaction, the more print the media sells. Its a gold mine.

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