Swiss voters say big 'yes' to same-sex marriage

By Robin MILLARD and Eloi ROUYER

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For a country that didn't give women the vote until the 1970s, this isn't bad going

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This is still a wonder, which hopefully will evolve into a norm. And an inspiration for future generations. Caution, only to the effect that this referendum will likely be in Swiss courts for at least a decade to come, as their statutes regarding family and probate matters are quite complex. Still, the future brightens considerably.

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Kind of surprised they didn’t have it already.

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Kind of surprised they didn’t have it already

Yeah, you would think out of all the world nations the Swiss would be the first to make gay marriage legal.

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The neutral Swiss

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So, when will we see this in Muslim countries? Gay rights activists need to get over to the Middle East and make it happen.

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