Sydney braces for blackouts amid extreme heatwave


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The SA outage was due to incompetence and/or mismanagement rather than overload per se. Nsw won't be as cocky ;)

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No South Australia waited for permission turn on gas turbine generators . the ok was never given. cannot blame solar as at present is supplying at peak levels to all those that installed solar with much left over going into the grid for only 5 cents a kilowatt not good no matter how you look at it my 5kw unit is producing 4.9 kw never did this before so dont blame green power as last time the power transmission lines collapsed from wind damage . They tried to blame it on the wind mills and solar.

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My Facebook has been bombarded lately by paid advertisements telling me of the terrors of renewable energy and of how cheap coal power is... Strange that none of those messages take into account the $2-4 billion a year in subsidies that the coal industry receive from the government... add the tax you're paying for that onto your energy bill and the picture changes pretty drastically.

One of the biggest problems in the Australian energy system is that a number of private companies are trying to maximise profits at the expense of their customers. We need a solid base of renewable energy, we need a solid base of gas powered systems for on-call base load, and we need to kill the hyper-expensive coal subsidies that politicians use to pretend that coal is cheaper when it really isn't. Until the politicians stop crowing to their political bases and actually start supporting a system that functions, then we're stuffed, plain and simple. Renewable energy... yes. Base load gas... yes. They have to work in unison.

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Well the Power failures so far have not Happened due to the Fact solar is producing more electricity the Hotter summer gets . So go green energy for daylight periods .

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