Sydney on alert after mystery virus cases detected


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Be afraid. That's the message.

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Stamp this thing out. Be safe. That's the message.

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The message is the inorganic ones are doing everything in their power to scare us and keep us separated.

Babylon is falling and the people aren't having it.

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Haven't read the article yet, great title though

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I wonder if a virus knows that 48 people together is safe, but 52 is not?

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Mystery Virus?

That makes me more laugh, than 99% of the posts in the article with the daily numbers.

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" every time we get a couple of cases overnight which are not directly linked to the Northern Beaches it gives us concern."

is this what they have to say about the mystery virus ??

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Only residents with permits for hospitality venues will be allowed into the city on New Year's Eve

I have no idea how to interpret this sentence... Residents of where? The "city"? Sydney? Australia? What are "permits for hospitality venues"?

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My friend lives in Sydney, but can’t go to the center. His family hang out on the beach with their local friends and neighbors. At least they are safe. Social distancing.

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Yes, it’s of course time for a little panic. It’s ‘summer’ there, very strict rules implemented, Aussies are famous for, in addition an (island-like) continent located geographically maximum far away from the other global clusters, but still those rather significant infection numbers. Hopefully they do something there during the next months and don’t sleep intentionally or stupidly like the rest of the planet has done the whole time earlier this year, especially tragic on the northern hemisphere.

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Now they are chasing a mystery virus. How long will people swallow this nonsense?

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