Sydney records hottest November night as heatwave sweeps city


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Pretty much all the predictions of the IPCC reports are being born out - records of extreme weather events falling each year - extremes becoming the norm.

Most worrying - these events are still being reported mostly as isolated events - not reflecting the seriousness of climate change and where we are heading..

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25.3 over night, seriously unpleasant. Makes it difficult to sleep. Personally would find that unbearable, but then I am someone who has the window open to some degree even in winter.

That sky looks like it is on fire. Good bit of photography though.

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Most summer nights in Tokyo are at least that hot and extremely humid. It was a shock for me when I first moved here because I come from a place where the air cools down once the sun goes down.

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I guess this is new because of the fires last year but most countries have a weather service that includes historic data. Record highs and record lows are broken every day.

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