Sydney welcomes Oprah to its iconic Opera House


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She's famous and wealthy because a lot of people listen to her.

If one has that skill, one would be famous and wealthy too.

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Shouting, screaming,enormous expressions of joy on one's not for me ; but I still can get this her huge attraction to people,especially women. I agree with her when she said about Alice Spring's Ayers Rock: She feels a spiritual womb for the place.

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Oprah has founded her own religion, and is trying to get more followers Down Under. I hope her visit brings more tourists to Australia, but I personally wouldnt go to the back door to see her. I cannot understand why she has become so famous for her boring "talk" shows. She was a good actress in The Color Purple, though.

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They were worried it would be booked. Luckily, they squeezed her in.

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Australia can keep her as far as I am concerned.

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goddog, because she was ordinary and from a very poor background. A symbol of all things possible

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Why is this woman so famous and wealthy? I do not get it.

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