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Synthetic cannabis blamed for spate of New Zealand deaths


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i thought meth was the biggest worry.

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So they think it's better to keep cannabis illegal, resulting in people who want to smoke it choosing to smoke this crap instead, when cannabis itself is relatively harmless, and in fact has many medicinal benefits.

Another failure of the war on drugs.

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They'd much rather people smoke this junk and risk death than legalize a medicinal herb that can actually HELP people in so many ways. It boggles the mind and thinking of modern governments. The war on drugs is a failure and those who are still trying their heavy handed tactics (Duterte, Sessions, etc.) are on the wrong side of history in this case. Take a page out of Portugal's book and at least decriminalize it and treat hard drugs as a medical issue and not a criminal one. And make cannabis completely legal. It helps. Alcohol and tobacco (which are legal) kill millions of people every year, where as cannabis kills absolutely 0.

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