Syria's Assad pledges no bargaining over constitution


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Assad has won.

Well done Syrian Army and Russian Air Force.

Peace has been achieved.

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@brng bush Peace has been achieved.

If all the numerous guerrilla forces (who go by different names depending on perspective - some call them terrorists, others freedom fighters), especially those fighting for extreme religious beliefs stop fighting, then peace may have been achieved.

But for how long. It's highly doubtful those with extreme religious beliefs will just go away. Some of the current extremist groups like ISIS may, but most likely others will come along to replace them. Russia and its puppet Assad could be in perpetual war.

Russia's 'victory' allows Putin to expand his empire, maintain his naval base and build infrastructure.

Plus the wars have pushed dozens of thousands of people to flee the region and settle in European nations, creating even more social and political problems there.

Are the refugees flooding Europe another part of Putin's plan to undermine the 'west' while he expands his empire?

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Does victory include Turkey occupying northwest Syria

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