Syria deal offers hope, but Russia calling shots


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In a nutshell...

Instead of Russia and Syria bombing the rebels, now it will be Russia and the US bombing them, while the Syrian Air Force and Army take a break to recoup and reorganize.

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Sheesh. Assad will have died from natural causes long before this is solved anyway. Reminds me of that Zohan joke: "They've been fighting for 2,000 years. Couldn't be much longer."

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The position of Assad should be decided by millions of Syrian voters, not thousands of foreign sponsored fighters.

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If it's true that Russia's calling the shots, then Assad is probably going to be the last man standing at the end of all of this. It's basic chess: 2 moves forward, 1 move back.

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US is forced to keep Assad while fighting ISIS; Russia is forced to delineate between US-backed rebels and ISIS (or Al-Qaeda). Attacks on either one leads to the dissolution of the truce.

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Current administration believes in secret surrenders, there is certainly a behind the scenes agreement to end or reduce sanctions on Russia over fighting in Ukraine, or perhaps a recognition of "reality" in Crimea. They will be lucky if it works, more likely is the surrender occurs without any real peace or even ceasefire in Syria.

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Obama and Hillary really blew it re Middle East policy. Russia is indeed calling the shots now.

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Good stuff!!

Obama is nut's if he thinks the rebels that held hostage 200 rights workers and behead kids would form a better government then Assad....Incorrect.

Go Russia for killing mass ISIS men that has saved mass civilians lives.

Putin has saved lives and is doing a good thing.

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US has killed more ISIS than Russia, while Russia has killed more rebels than ISIS.

It's just a difference in priorities. US priority is ISIS; Russia's priority is the rebels.

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