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Syrian Kurds, Turks clash in wake of deadly air raids

By Gihad Darwish with Maya Gebeily in Beirut

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Time to arm the Kurds with surface-to-air missiles.

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Time to arm the Kurds with surface-to-air missiles.

Sure! Let's make an already perilous situation worse. Flawless logic on your part!

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All foreign powers, including the US, Russia, Turkey, EU member nations, Iran, Saudi Arabia (and other GCC nations), plus other's involved: leave Syria; stop supporting any combatants.

Stop the military madness (CSNY) that benefits resource and war industry oligarchs. Find alternatives to burning so much petroleum.

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PT, plus Hesbollah, very true in theory. Is it going to happen?

Leave Assad, IS and the rebels to duke it out between themselves, with knives, bows and arrows if necessary, right?

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