Syrian regime forces take full control of key town


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Hopefully, Assad is about to finish off the last rebel forces and bring peace back to Syria.

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Awesome! The cauldron has been formed. Omar HAJ KADOUR's Al-Qaeda buddies are now going to meet their just end.

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90% of Syria back into the legitimate Syrian gubment hands. Thank you Russia and Iran.

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Iran will end the Syrian and Yemen wars started by the West, just like it ended the Iraqi, and Lebanon will squirm like the loser that he is.

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On Tuesday, anti-Assad fighters pulled back from Khan Sheikhun and the countryside to its south

Anti-Assad fighters? This is a town that "has been administered since January by the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham alliance, which is led by jihadists from Syria's former Al-Qaeda affiliate."

This is an Al-Qaeda group we're talking about. They're not just anti-Assad fighters, they're also anti-civilisation fighters. You know, our civilisation. In a war. If the US and its coalition supporters had taken this town and caused exactly the same number of deaths and civilian displacement doing it, we'd be hailing them as heroes.

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@BigYen........right on. Now watch the Iran haters spit on you for telling the truth.

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