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Syria rejects U.S., UK chemical arms claims


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The Syrians are right to question the veracity and truthfulness of the reports.

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The US and UK, thwarted in their aim of arming Syrian "rebels" (who hate the West), now come up with a pack of lies to try to tip opinion in their favour. They must think we are idiots.

Both countries are up to their neck in debt, yet both still insist on wasting huge sums of money bombing bearded characters in dusty lands. I don't care about Syria: leave them to fight it out amongst themselves. Any money that a government can find for sending help to Syrian "rebels" should immediately be cut from the budget. Syria is not our business and not our concern.

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U.S. President Barack Obama warned Syria on Friday that using chemical weapons would be a “game changer”, after the U.S., Israel and Britain cited signs that Assad’s regime has used the deadly agent sarin.

Is it the same weapons that existed in Iraq?

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It looks like Obama and company are trying to pull a Bush (Obama = Bush III).

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...or, just maybe, chemical weapons have been used..

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Let him use chemical weapons. What do I care?

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America is financially a dead man walking. What little wealth we have left shouldn't be wasted on foreigners. Is that nationalistic? No, just common sense. We have too many problems of our own to deal with, with bankruptcy or at least partial bankruptcy being a very real possibility.

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history repeats within few years? No, it is hysteria.

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Again the sheriff of the world, will to liberate the people stricken and downtrodden. I wonder if this time they will more successful in find the weapon on mass destruction.

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I'm just curious, but does Syria have oil?

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