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Syria truce hopes dim as Russia is skeptical, fighting rages


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Turkey's military has begun bombarding Kurdish YPG positions in Syria. Expect the bombardment to expand to cover R+6 positions around Aleppo.

A major war has begun. Turkey has violated Syria's sovereignty.

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Turkey’s foreign minister said his country and Saudi Arabia may launch ground operations against the Islamic State group in Syria

All of a sudden, why now?

Well obviously, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, beacons of freedom and human rights, are concerned for the well being of the Syrian people.

But seriously, for years these two countries were heavily involved in financing, training, and arming the terrorists in Syria. And now that they are losing (badly), the only way their terrorist proxies can survive is if they step in. And their friend the US was recently caught bombing civilians in Aleppo and blaming it on Russia; probably in an attempt to force a stop to the attacks against the terrorists.

Any military that enters Syrian territory without the invitation of the Syrian government deserves to be blown to pieces by Russian missiles.

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Let's see : Turkey was fencing stolen oil from ISIS and Saudi Arabia has a competing oil pipeline to the Iran, Syrian Russian one, which, backed by the US, CIA trained rebels/terrorists, now ISIS, wants to overthrow Assad to perpetuate the Petro Dollar recycling system so that the world will always need dollars and the government can borrow in perpetuity.

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Yup Turkey and Saudies dont really care for peace or the US for that matter only the petro dollar shame that Europe was thrown under the bus by the US but thats what you get when you are friends with snakes.

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