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Syrian troops advance in Aleppo amid war's heaviest bombing


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The push is on to stop the hegomonic coalition from setting up an illegal no-fly zone in Syria. Meanwhile, billions and billions in aid and weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and Israel stay low on the radar. The consequences of these sales are off the radar.

15 years of hegomonic wars is enough! Hillary will make it 19 or 23.

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Burning Bush and Fizzbit:"US" and "Hillary" Deflecting as usual. Assad's government and Russia are bombing and destroying Aleppo without regard to civilian casualties.

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bombing and destroying Aleppo without regard to civilian casualties.

Tokyo, Dresden, Hanoi, Laos, Cambodia, London, Fallujah, Yemen, on and on and on....

The Saudi Arabian government with US and British help and weapons are bombing and destroying Yemen without regard to civilian casualties.

War is hell. Ask yourself who are the hegomons here?

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"What is Aleppo?"

-- Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson, Sept. 2016

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FizzBit: Again, you can't bring yourself to answer the question. Who is bombing Aleppo?

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Assad's government and Russia are bombing and destroying Aleppo without regard to civilian casualties.

I didn't dispute this. I thought that was obvious.

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I wonder how far the Syrians have advanced past Obama's red line now?

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Dear Burning Bush, I work and live with Syrian refugees in Germany... very liberal people.... they are not happy about AlQaida, Nusra, etc. but they are also not happy about Assad. I hope you remember, that the Assad family has been running Syria as dictators since 1970 in a not very civilised way?

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Who is bombing Aleppo?

Parts of Aleppo, controlled by extremists, bombed by Russian planes. So?

Now please answer my question: who provides Daesh with close air support like Sep.17 air strike on Syrian army positions near Deir-ez-Zor?

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When I was in Syria, it was the most friendliest country I've ever been to. People were scared of assads secret police, but it was a safe place. After bush, I can't go back. I would be killed or kidnapped. The proxy war must stop.

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Fizz, Bush, Asakaze, I agree completely.

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