Syrians fire on thousands of protesters


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Be careful because france and his caucasian buddies will boommb you with saint OBAMA

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Protestor citizens of syria want change. Let change for good ,begin in Syria.

Criticisms of people,should not be drowned by govt. Govt,must seek to change,from criticism of Govt.

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So how long will it take before Obama declares a "no fly zone" over Syria to support the glorious democracy movement and gets involved in muslim quagmire quire number 4?

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really!quickly!we need a no-fly zone there too.

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A no-fly zone and US missiles over the entire Middle East, now! Yes Obama and Sarkozy, the Arab masses will love you for that...

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Viva Obama!the nobel price!singing "a missile here, a missile there, we love missiles,missiles all over the planet" yaaay!viva democramissilescy!!!

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