Taiwan misfires anti-ship missile, kills 1 fisherman


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It is bad when ones own missile kills fishermen carrying out their normal work .One hopes their families will be compensated for their loss of partner and incomes also a new fishing boat be provided as part compensation with an genuine apology to the whole nation and family's that have lost love ones. .

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"A preliminary investigation showed that missile operators likely failed to follow proper procedures, CNA said."

I'm thinking... ummm... that's stating the obvious. Well, either that or they intentionally fired on the boat... which would also be failing to follow proper procedures. I am willing to bet that they targeted the boat with the system as a kind of drill and then accidentally fired; I find it hard to believe they just randomly fired such a weapon and it just BY CHANCE happened to hit a fishing boat bang on.

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You think they deliberately killed a fisherman? Why? How would that be helpful to anyone? I think it was just a sad accident.

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Farmboy - read smith's post again. Twice if need be. Thats not what he said

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Oh, I see. Thanks, clamenza. Sorry about that, smithinjapan.

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Farmboy: "Sorry about that, smithinjapan."

All good. But just in case, I don't think that I all. I think they may have just targeted it to show how the targeting works and then maybe hit fire without knowing it was set to fire. It would be insanely bad luck if the boat just happened to be hit directly by the fire while they were undergoing inspection (which would probably include drills).

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"Sorry Charlie"; it appears you are both a bit off:

What happened here, is that the Anti-Ship Missle was fired "By Mistake" (despite likely MANY overlapping Safety Systems to prevent EXACTLY this), and it hit a Surveillance Ship, (I mean, a "Fishing Boat")....yes; THAT's what happened. Was it a Mainland "Fishing Boat" ? Hmmm.

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Good thing it was Taiwan and not China, cause if it was China no excuses would be accepted and it would be assumed that it was a totally intentional missile test. Also, Taiwan can get away with some very thin explanations. I think SmithinJapan is bang on as to what happened. But for me, ally or rival, the thin explanation thing is not cutting any ice at all. Heads should roll for this.

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Tragic and embarrassing. Way to show your bravado Taiwan. The guy above me is right. They would've made no excuses if this was done by the Chinese.

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How embarrassing and tragically fatal. I do believe prosecution is in order, and Taiwan is going to have to make sure it's military personnel are trained to follow procedure. But then again it could just be the error of one lone idiot. Let's hope that's the case.

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WA4TKG "Was it a Mainland "Fishing Boat" ? Hmmm."

Good question. The Taiwan authorities said the whole trajectory finished their side of the half-way demarkation line between Taiwan and the mainland, which both sides have generally agreed not to cross over. If so, then a mainland fishing/surveillance boat on the wrong side of the line would certainly complicate matters.

A Taiwanese fishing boat, a survellance fishing boat? Yes, but would an expended missile just happen to fall onto a fishing boat. Unlikely as Smith pointed ouut above. It must have locked onto a target for whatever reason, but since there is no mention of the missile having exploded, nor of the ship having sunk, then perhaps it had an unarmed warhead.

Messy affair. And often this is how conflicts break out.

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Sorry folk, but I had a a had little smirk and grin while reading this. Very embarrassing. Politicians in Beijing must be slapping their knees too. Taiwan military is looking like Mr. Bean.

Thank god, the NK missiles haven't went astray yet.

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Sorry does not cut it. An innocent man was killed and three innocent people were injured and all their means to feed their families is gone. There is nothing here to smirk or grin about, and if anyone in Beijing has an ounce of maturity, they realize similar mishaps could happen to them tomorrow. You may well be the only one making light of this in any sense.

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There is nothing here to smirk or grin about

You're completely right. Shame on me, but I had to come clean. Once again -sorry folks.

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Thats good !! It was not fired toward North Korea.

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Condolences to the fishermen killed and injured. Lucky the missile did not strike a Chinese military vessel. I'm sure we would be reading about an invasion of Taiwan now if it did.

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Whatever you do, Seaman Chan, DO NOT touch that red button!

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