Taiwan president quits as party head after China threat bet fails to win votes

By Sarah Wu and Yimou Lee

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The KMT has accused Tsai and the DPP of being overly confrontational with China, and of trying to besmirch the party for being "red

The Taiwanese want friendly relations with China and this election showed that.

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The CCP has gotten involved in influencing the outcome.

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Voting machines involved ?

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China may not need to invade. It may be invited in. The Americans will need to clone Taiwanese chipmaking soon, or China might lock them out of the supply chain.

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Slowly but surly the inevitable is happening, Peace and Stability is what the people of Taiwan want.

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I guess the people of Taiwan are getting tried of the constant warmongering of the US and its "ally" Japan.

Can't blame them.

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So the Taiwanese people voted to just sit back and let the CCP walk over them and subjugate them ?

If so, I may as well give up on them all. Lemmings.

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Has DPP's Tsai really offered to step down as party chief or Taiwan president?

KMT significant victory in local elections may signal a change of presidency for a more cordial relationship with China.

Let there be peace..

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I'm Taiwanese and I agree with Bronco, Mark, Zoroto.

To Venze: Tsai offered to step down as party chief. Of course Taiwanese want peace!

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Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen resigned as head of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on Saturday after her strategy to frame local elections as showing defiance to China's rising bellicosity failed to pay off and win public support.

A sad day for Taiwan. Poling were saying China's aggression, and attacks on Taiwan air, sea, land domain worked. Taiwanese were asking why no one did anything (USA.???, sanctions???). So they all got scared they'll end up like Ukraine, but without help. So a few days before tge election, the President had to calm people down with regard to China, see link ^. After campaigning for so long on fighting back against China Tsai had to admit defeat, days before tge election, because people were terrified.

China will be repeating this tactic against every democracy it can reach.

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Of course Taiwanese want peace!

Because you have no choice, that's not the same as wanting something. If China hadn't launched its massive air, sea, pseudo land invasion campaign, would Taiwanese prefer democracy over suppression by a totalitarian dictator?

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I respect everyone's opinions, however only Taiwanese most understand various Taiwan issues, inside and outside ones which are too complicated to explain here, so through democratic election, millions of Taiwanese made the decision as this news mentioned. By the way it's actually a happy day for most of Taiwanese.

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