Taiwan says it will not rely on others for defense

By Michael Martina and David Brunnstrom

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Cough cough!

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Taiwan says it will not rely on others for defense:

Is Tsai doubly sure about what she is talking? Will she stick to her words?

Chances are when the island is in trouble defending itself, she would straight away ask for immediate military assistance..

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It's good policy to rely on yourself first, before relying on others

If ya want something done right, do it yourself

Heaven helps those who help themselves

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She's just repeating the US policy with Taiwan. Nothing new.

Biden has a history of getting carried away at live events.

Taiwan knows it will have to survive for months before any supporting military equipment or personnel arrive, very few, if any nearby countries can stand alone against the 4 major armies in this world and remain in power. But we've also learned that keeping power or migrating to a different type of govt than what they already have is very difficult. Plenty of examples of that in the world post-WW2.

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