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Taiwan TV station apologizes over false Chinese attack alert


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Absolutely amazed at the calmness Taiwan’s people displayed with this epic incident of ‘crying wolf’:

- “Some netizens reacted with anger and scorn, but there was no sign of mass panic on the streets of Taipei Wed morning.” -

After this, how will people react the next time they read:

Don't panic," and "CTS mistakenly ran war and disaster prevention message, no need for the public to panic" ?

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IF Taiwan were China, we wouldn’t be left questioning ‘what exactly’ would befall those responsible for such an epic blunder:

*- “CTS ran corrections & apologies, adding it will "severely punish" those responsible” -*

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Crying wolf - not useful.

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They can bow and apologize profusely for causing panic, but that is secondary, not the real damage that they have caused.

They have just seriously diluted the value of these vital warnings. When the real attack comes, many will think “Oh, another false alert…”

That is what they should be apologizing for.

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The false alarm is of course a huge problem for a country that is being threatened continuously with war, but the lack of reaction can be extremely worrying as well, if the real situation happens the population could be taken completely unprepared.

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Last year, Taiwan recorded 969 such incursions

just last month Russian and Chinese warplanes entered S. Korea's air defense zone as well.

communism is a disease

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Taiwan should shock the world by doing a reverse takeover of China. Democracy rules!

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This is not good! Will the people in Taiwan do the same if there was a real attack? This is how you get caught totally off guard!

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Big Trouble in Little China

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I'm so glad I can't read Chinese characters so this entire incident didn't impact me or my family in Taiwan at all since we were completely unaware of this fake news, thank God. Had I been able to know what the ticker at the bottom of the screen said I would have come a bit closer to a heart attack. Ignorance is bliss in this case. The poor folks in Taiwan who panicked. Oy

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Wonder if the Taiwanese people will trust the real alert when China does really attack Taiwan. Pondering...

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Cruel joke

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