China sends more warplanes as Taiwan honors late leader


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I remember President Lee quite well. As a young man studying in Taiwan, I was curious about clusters of locals gathered around small TVs watching the new president, Chiang Ching-kuo, trying to make sense of whether to trust him: Chinese history on both sides of the strait is bloodstained with those who took leaders' word that they were free to express their views, only to later pay for it with their lives (under Chiang Kai Shek, foolishly trusting dissenters were often taken by helicopter on a one-way trip over the Pacific). But the younger Chiang was true to his word and was succeeded by Lee, the first native-born president of Taiwan to be elected, not chosen by nepotism. Modern Taiwan owes him a debt which can never be repayed.

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China is again looking to create trouble where none exists. The great agitator. China needs to learn to keep out of other peoples business.

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Study Chinese history and you learn about a sucession of civil wars, power struggles, brother-against-brother, etc. It's a difficult country to govern in the best of times, which explains why most of its leaders have been ruthless. I'm not sure that Taiwan's successful democratic model could be applied to the mainland -- the country is too big and unwieldy. As a result, democratic ideals have not kept up with economic progress. I think the average people on the mainland know this, but are content with their lot.

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China, ugh! Have some respect to a nation in mourning.

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Yep, it’s becoming blatantly and painfully obvious that we have an evil and flexing force in the world that will need to be dealt with one way or another. As the grandson of a Polish immigrant that dealt with the full force of Nazi germany, I can’t help wondering if he was watching the news and buildup back in his day with similar nervousness and concern. He lost everything but managed to get out with his life.

China just doesn’t know how to act, they have no class, no legitimacy, nor dignity. It’s the dudes funeral for Christ’s sake! Get a grip PRC. I mean , in what reality does someone think it’s ok to act like this? A funeral? What sort of twisted, bitter and resentful worldview could actually justify this sort of behavior? Do they actually think they are projecting strength?

Problem is it’s unchecked groupthink, which is the blindest, most self-deceptive and self defeating trap of them all. One that by it’s very nature is completely incapable of self reflection and conscience. Something is gunna have to give.

“Never give in to bullies”. A simple but haunting lesson from the past!

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Those planes need to be lit up and downed!

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Sickening behaviour from the Commies. Let the Taiwanese honor their hero, President Lee, without the aggression. Thankfully, the US and Trump have Taiwans back.

I am convinced the US very soon will recognize Taiwan as a fully independent, sovereign nation, and Japan will immediately follow suit. Lets all hope.

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Good to see the Chinese air force paying its respects...

-3 ( +6 / -9 )

the man who led Taiwan's transition to democracy, former President Lee Teng-hui.

He probably makes most contemporary leaders look like lightweights.

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"China sent more warplanes toward Taiwan for the second day Saturday" A day in history repeated as in the days of Tibet, except in those days it was mass armies sent at the gates, then followed by invasion. Taiwan should shoot them down. Yes it is unfortunate that blood is shed, but it is China that is the aggressor once again causing all the troubles with all of its Asian neighbors except NK whom no secret they own.

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About time a coalition be put together that will carry out joint exercises with Taiwan. China is doing everything they can to take advantage of the chaos created by Covid19 which I absolutely believe originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Taiwan deserves the support of the entire world.

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Democratic Taiwan can not stand alone against the dragooned and brainwashed might of the CCP dictatorship, the rest of the free world must stand beside them.

Shooting down aircraft in international airspace would be folly indeed, the Taiwanese are not so daft.

More effective would be for all the major democracies to recognise Taiwan in concert as a sovereign state. That would be a message even the gangsters of the CCP couldn’t ignore.

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China needs to get over Taiwan. It has been for all intents and purposes an independent nation as long as China has been a communist one. The US and many other nations have sworn to protect the country from a hostile attack. China is the one playing with fire.

Actually the only country in the world who don't realize what great risk they are putting themselves at, is the China of the CCP and Emperor for life Xi.

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They wore masks and sat spaced out in pews.

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Honor and respect to former president Lee. Full support to Taiwan and their people who want to live in freedom and democracy.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

China's bound to cross the line one of these days.

I wonder what it will take for that to happen.

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".....allowing the will of the people to reshape Taiwan...."

That is the problem, in a nutshell. Xi will not accept "the will of the people."

Unfortunate, and may end up in a war. The people of Taiwan do not want to be subjugated by Xi.

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1glenn, have some self respect, would you ? You are not representing any people of Taiwan, and Taiwan people are not your slaves.

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More saber rattling from the CCP. I hope the Americans, whoever is president, will increase support to Taiwan. If Taiwan becomes vulnerable, the CCP will not hesitate to take advantage of it.

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More saber rattling from the CCP. I hope the Americans, whoever is president, will increase support to Taiwan. If Taiwan becomes vulnerable, the CCP will not hesitate to take advantage of it.

Wjy doesn’t your country step up?

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Everyone knows that mainland china is renegade province of Taiwan.

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Long past time China was given a big reality check, and time the rest of the world woke up to the threat they pose to the modern world, democracy, freedom and human rights. You want to live under a dictator , a dynasty or would you like to live in a free world ? ( free world means one controlled by those in charge )

China needs to be reigned in ! ! !

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We stand with you Taiwan, against any and all Chinese aggression!!!

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If china tries to invade Taiwan they will be crushed by the US and their allies. It will be the last mistake china ever makes.

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If Trump himself was on that plane then China wouldn't dare fly even a da-kine single plane near TW!

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More effective would be for all the major democracies to recognise Taiwan in concert as a sovereign state. 

I disagree. We’ve already been through that in 1995 when Hashimoto was prime minister. What you’re saying is, more effective would be to start a war which is what will happen.

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I foresee a mainland China implosion in the not too distant future. I pray.

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I foresee a mainland China implosion in the not too distant future. I pray.

Alas, no. The CCP is dug in and hard to remove, and has managed to brainwash a lot of believers. There will not be a quick and easy solution.

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I bet China's warplanes will not dare do such shenanigans if it was President Donald Trump himself that paid tribute to the late Taiwanese president LTH. 

Unfortunately we'll have to wait for Biden coz da-kine Pompeo and his Boss ain't capable of doin the right thing.

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