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Taiwanese police use water cannon on protesters to retake gov't HQ


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Looks as if Taiwan is taking the polar opposite compared to ROK in terms of relationship with PRC.

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Looks as if Taiwan is taking the polar opposite compared to ROK in terms of relationship with PRC.

I would beg to differ. The PRC does not claim the Korean peninsula as part of its sovereign territory and the ROK's trade with China is not likely to risk its being consumed and digested by China.

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Is Hong Kong digested and consumed by china? Obviously many Taiwanese are anti China. But I think that china can take the same two governments one country policy.

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I do not think China is deserving to have Taiwan, it would be doing the people a big disservice.

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Thomas, yes as we speak China is doing all it can to take complete control and completely absorb Hong kong! I guess you do not stay up on the news and reports on Beijing's actions towards Hong Kong. As for trying to instill Nationalism classes in HK schools that got wide protests about and they pulled that back. To begin with China suppressed HK's economy trying to right off the bat take economic action to real in the territory under more of a control posture upon HK. Puttin off and putting off direct elections and only letting half the legislature be publicly voted upon... Many things China has done to gain its influence into HK society to strip them of the autonomy they were promised. Yes HK is being absorbed, where have you been? And yes China deserves nothing, especially Taiwan! When will China's forced ownership of the Tibetans end? Since when does China have the right to own another??????? Since when does China's society believe that they have the right to forcefully own another? When will China and its people come to face the 21st century and join the peaceful members of the international community and stop all its aggressive behavior? And, when will China's leaders stop its suppression, censorship, internet blocking and filtering and stop forcing its people silent mutes? Who wants to be a part of that??? The Chinese people??? It seems so! Where does that leave China's society when seen by the outside world?

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Is Hong Kong digested and consumed by china?

Already 30% digested. And that's precisely what the youth in Taipei are fearing. Becoming the next HK, or the next Ukraine, or the next Tibet.

Trying to draw parallels with Hong Kong is just a mistake. Taiwan is and always has been in a far stronger position than that,

Or the contrary... I mean Hong-Kong was British and still gets the UK support. That protects them, as even if they are really big and could invade in one afternoon, China can't afford offending the Europeans and will never do any big abuse there (small ones, they do on a daily basis). Taiwan is alone on earth, the US, Japanese and European supports are very informal. If they get invaded tomorrow, Wednesday, Abe and Obama will announce they will slap China on the tip of the their fingers.

The PRC does not claim the Korean peninsula as part of its sovereign territory

Not recently... But well, I think that's where Taiwan should go back. 19th century situation, when China "protected" Korea and then Japan "protected Korea and Taiwan". Today's Japan is not into colonization. But both Taiwan and Japan would beneficiate of a solid bilateral treaty. And Koreas too, just like all other small countries in the area. I mean they should forget the dispute over war memories. The current problem is China, its lunatic regime (that is not all bad, but not reliable) and its gigantic size. They can eat any country in one bite. But facing a union of country, they'd have to behave.

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I suggest you examine the article more closely.

Opponents say it will damage Taiwan’s economy and leave it vulnerable to political pressure from China

It doesn't really matter whether PRC makes a claim or not, it will make ROK vulnerable to political pressure through economic pressure becoming too economically dependent on PRC like what is happening now.

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I feel sorry for Taiwan (Republic of China) that their PM took a BIG UNILATERAL STEP out of the democratic process on deciding to go forward on HIS Trade Pact with Communist China

Of course Xi and his Communist (1 Rule Party) will take the same steps as Vladimir Putin just did with the Ukraine when their President made the same Trade Pack with Russia.

The PRC will wait until Taiwan begins to descend into chaos and then move the PRC Military in just like Pitin did with Crimea calling it an "Annex for Security".

Only this one will be coined as "Comminist Security".

Oh Wow, if the PRC takes Taiwan, then guarantee theyll have the Senkakku Islands and the Okinawan Shelf AND most of the Western Pacific all to themselves.

And what will Washington do? Try and toss them out of the G-7? Or G-20? Or sanction China?


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