Taliban flog 27 Afghans, including women, after first public execution


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All cultures are equal..... and should be respected....?

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All cultures are equal..... and should be respected....?


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It's quite amazing that in the 21st century there are still such medieval spectacles. But I wonder how much support there would be for such public and severe punishments in otherwise more progressive countries, and for similar "crimes". I fear it might be quite a lot.

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Turning up to enjoy the show, throwing some taunts in there like they’re watching a wrestling match or something, all under the assumption that justice is being served. I wonder how many lashes the heinous crime of escaping from home gets you.

Absolutely ghoulish.

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The Taliban's triumph won't last forever, but will eventually turn into a debacle after their short day in the sun.

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The Taliban do that, fully understood, but the even bigger problem is the celebrating people as bystanders, praying, celebrating and feeling happily entertained by such violent inhuman methods. Of course it is also done or has been historically done in most other parts of the globe, but it’s been widely abolished now in civilized societies with a modern culture and jurisdiction. So that Taliban guy is completely correct, I as an outsider have no respect for such a country, its leaders and people, their violent misunderstanding and failed interpretation of own religion and such. I am very sure you won’t find so much recommendations for internal violence against own citizens in the Quran or Hadith. Violence was historically usually intended only against the attacking enemy tribes or so-called unbelievers, not against own community members.

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Taliban = disgusting medieval monsters.

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It is sad to see how brutally afghan women are treated under the Taliban.

Livelihood no longer exists for them.

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Jasper Cole..

It is sad to see how brutally Afghan women are treated under the Taliban.

Nothing to do with the Taliban, this has been Pashtun culture in Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan for hundreds of years. The Taliban are just carrying on.

Women's rights in Afghanistan were at their best under the soviet occupation. Which is quite inconvenient for the western media.

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