Taliban gunmen shoot 14-year-old girl activist in Pakistan


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Cowards. Islam is not about maiming girls for wanting an education. I hope she recovers quickly and continues to be outspoken! The world needs more young women like her!

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That'll teach these infidels to mess around with the Taliban!

I hope these bastards are hunted down and brought to justice ( firing squad or hanging will do ).

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This is what the NATO soldiers are battling everyday.

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If there is a country in that region shows gratitutes to US?NATO forces so called: battling everyday...must be a 'sick' joke!

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Every school girl in Pakistan should have a Marine squad bodyguard after this. God will judge whether these scumbags are correct in their beliefs, the Marines can arrange the meeting.

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Why are the Taliban so afraid of women and girls? This brave warrior was so scared he had to wait in ambush with a gun to attack a 14-year-old girl. What a contrast between courage and cowardice.

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A primitive culture behaving badly.

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This is pure hate against women/little girls and different beliefs. Is there anyone who can or will stand up against these murderers and manipulators?

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Nothing terrifies an Islamist more than an educated, autonomous woman.

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Hate of women is not only for the Taliban, sure these fools go to certain extremes, but as women in ANY culture, European, Japanese, American etc...see what WOMEN have to say. But yes, these Taliban are bastards and sooner or later they will have to pay for their sins!!! I hope this poor little girl can be save from these animals!

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Every school girl in Pakistan should have a Marine squad bodyguard after this.

So you want to deploy more US troops into a country where they aren't wanted? Time to rethink your stance on that. While I agree that something needs to be done to ensure the safety of female students, I don't think this is any of the American military's business. The Pakistani military and government? Indeed. The fact that we're hearing about this crap is progress.

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Taliban = Caveman

NATO is fighting to eliminate stuff like this. However, I doubt things will ever change. It is too backward there.

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The title says 'gunmen', but the article suggests it was one bearded man...

Hand-in-hand, ignorance and a feeling of righteousness = a monster.

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Stories like this remind us what we are up against...

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We live in a very sick, twisted messed up world! How can we elevate our life condition to actually behave like true human beings and not like savage animals, sorry, I meant like the Taliban??

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I was wondering when JT was going to post this. Evil will recieve its fruits in the end, and when the men who did this finally realise it, it will be much too late.

@viking68, cavemen have underdeveloped mental skills. These men are just evil because they knew exactly what they were doing and targeted a young girl because she didn't feel like being brainwashed with Islamist doctrines.

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What a bunch of cowards! The only good about this is that a) she lived and will hopefully fully recover, b) she has cemented her status as a person fighting for the rights of women, and that the Taliban are truly evil. I have no doubt the cowards that did this are running scared as we speak.

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Oooh, big brave terrorists frightened of a little girl, so try to kill her... what a bunch of evil scum, they really are. Is this what their warped beliefs tells them is right? That educating girls and women is against Islam? I've said it before... Islam belongs in the Middle Ages... it's barbaric, humiliating, cruel and as much to do with peace as a T-Rex has to do with hamsters.

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Hand-in-hand, ignorance and a feeling of righteousness = a monster.

The Taliban "are who we thought they were." How many more times must Pakistan learn this lesson?

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It should be known by now that the Taliban represent, are in fact, a group of severely humanely and mentally impeded entity. They are comprised of those who cannot and will not come out in the open to try to discuss or come to terms with their fellow citizens about how a (their vision of)) civilization should be controlled. They are incapable of constructing anything. They only know how to destroy and kill in a most cowardly and cruel way. Targeting adolescents is clear proof of their total impotence. All the worse is the fact they dismiss the right of the existence of another faith and using their 'faith' as they twist the meaning of ancient teachings to allow themselves to destroy. Destroy heritage and human lives and hope for a better life for millions. The Taliban are not the only misguided ones on this planet, but they are a cancer for which no cure has yet been found.

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Just read elsewhere the surgery was successful. But read this: The militants said they targeted her because she "promoted secularism". A spokesman for the Islamist militant group, Ehsanullah Ehsan, told BBC Urdu on Tuesday she would not be spared if she survived.

It is clear cowardice is not a concept the Taliban are familiar with. Targeting women and children is and always has been the lowest and atrocious act in existence. The Pakistan government will be stronger in its determination to eradicate the Taliban, but it's a very persistent weed. The Pakistani people's outrage cannot easily be dismissed. When the Taliban turn to targeting children instead of destroying statues things change.

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the lowest and most atrocious

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Who in the world is supposed to be surprised about that? The Taliban are simply practising strict islamic doctrine. From their point of view, by killing her they are simply removing "fitna"... corruption on earth. This is not different the thousands of "honor killings" which are happening in Europe now. You get this whereever you allow Shariah to become the law of the land.

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" Hand-in-hand, ignorance and a feeling of righteousness = a monster. "

that is what you say, from the outside. From his point of view, and from that of his co-believers, he was simply doing gods work, Did you see the video of the beheading of the Christian convert in Tunesia last week? Just as gruesome, and not different. They are simply fighting "fitna".

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Calling these men primitive is equivalent to making an excuse for their behavior. It assumes that they commit these atrocious acts because they don't know any better or out of a basic instinct that they have not been taught to control. Even a cursory review of the Koran (or any Abrahamic texts) reveals that self-control is at the very center of their faith, added to the fact that many of these individuals have been educated in centers of higher learning in other countries and been exposed to other cultures.

Calling these acts primitive belies the truth, that these are dangerous, violent, and hateful people with no regard for human life. They act in ways that willfully destroys life and property for the purpose of imposing their will on others. So please, give credit where credit is due. In a world of international politics, the internet, global trade, and sensible relations between cultures the Taliban has had to exert an exceptional amount of effort to keep a bloody, power hungry ideology alive. That's not primitive, it's merely the monstrous result of human social development gone horribly wrong.

A man who shoots a woman for wanting to learn isn't primitive. He's merely a self-destructive tool that needs to be removed and/or killed.

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The taliban are the lowest order of scum and their philosophy should be anethama to everybody in the civilized world. There is no room in modern society for this type of belief system. It's even more frightening in a country with nuclear weapons. How do you effectively deal with this type of thing? It is a question that nobody seems to be able to answer.

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very brave, these cro magnons never cease to gain respect do they. I don't understand why muslims worldwide don't condemn this kind of barbarism openly. Are they just as scared as all the others ?

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This kind of extremism is reflected in many countries, including the potential leaders of the USA. We need to guard against any mixing of politics and religion--too dangerous!

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Religious fanatics of every religion should be sent to a tiny island so they can fight it out amongst themselves and stop hurting the innocent.

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