Taliban order Afghan women to wear all-covering burqa

By Abdullah Hasrat and Qubad Wali

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Aren't Muslims great? Not.

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What a trash country.

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How the women must long to return to the best time in Afghan history for women's freedom.... The Soviet times.... Sadly, the US installed the 14th century bigots now back in power.

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No need to wear masks; the burqa is all that’s needed…

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That is sad

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They should wear a chadori (head-to-toe burqa) as it is traditional and respectful," said a decree in his name released by Taliban authorities at a ceremony in Kabul.

All in or none in. This must also be required of men in public to fully cover themselves, revealing only their eyes.

What a barbaric people the Taliban are. Any nation that institutes such repressive edicts on what is normally 51% or more of the population, need to be excluded from the UN and all world bodies until they realise that personal choice is a right of birth, and not something one group can take away from others for religious reasons.

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Asked what a woman is the Afghan government spokesman immediately replied “Someone who wears a burqa.”

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It's Pashtun culture.. The rich elite of Kabul are not now in charge.

No dress restrictions during soviet times... Free to work and go to school... US didn't like.

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Well done Mr. Biden.

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On Saturday, Afghanistan's supreme leader and Taliban chief Hibatullah Akhundzada announced a strict dress code for women when they are in public.

He then spent 2 hours on Pornhub. You know it.

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This is out of control. The women over there are seriously beautiful and to not be able to show their face is sad. But I guess I can't be disrespectful of someone else's religion.

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Been a bad week for women's liberty around the world in the face of religious extremism. First the US Supreme Court decision and now this.

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But I guess I can't be disrespectful of someone else's religion.

Why not?

Religions have no right to respect unless they earn it. Same as any other opinion or set of beliefs.

I haven’t come across too much to respect with regards to religions.

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The decree, announced by a spokesman for the Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, also said that the decree would be enforced through the offending woman's father or closest male relative. He would be visited and warned. Then punished by being fired from his job or imprisoned if the woman offended again.

It has been demonstrated time and again that enforcing laws against women and children by punishing related males leads to an incredible rise in abuse and violence against women and children.

Some things never change. And never will. Like the Taliban.

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Women after nothing but a thing to pop babies in that country. So disgusting and so sad. And worse, absolutely no one there would stand against such human rights violations.

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Taliban views on the subject are considered outside mainstream interpretation and custom.

The following two views are instructive.

Islam has flexibility in many issues and whether a woman likes to wear the hijab or the niqab, it is her personal choice; both are acceptable but according to the opinion of many contemporary scholars, niqab is not required.

However, I leave it up to the ladies to choose what is good for them; Islam is the most flexible religion, it is only some people who sometimes make it appear rigid and unfriendly. So even a woman who wears a niqab may demonstrate the beauty of Islam with her good manners.


The Qur'an reveals the secret of 'women and beauty', and asks believing women to honour this gift by dressing in a dignified and conscientious manner. People with ill intentions, who seek to find justifications for their personal cultures and agendas will go to any lengths to find a Quranic verse they can use to promote their prejudiced views. It is necessary for a true believer to remain sincere and objective, and use an unbiased approach to Allah's verses to dispel the myths. The above sorts of people depict a twisted view of religion and devotion to Allah, keeping people away from reading the Qur'an directly, thinking over it, and surrendering to Allah the true Quranic way.

Therefore to conclude, there is no requirement to cover the hair in the Qur'an for women. There is also no requirement for the face veil. The human head has eyes, mouth, nose and ears, all of which are designed to be left unobstructed at all times - i.e. the head is intended by Allah to be left uncovered, and the Qur'an remains in harmony with this.

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Also, from multiple news sources, the Taliban this week also are prohibiting women from receiving driving instruction, and are now prohibiting the issuance of permits and licenses to women.

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David BrentMay 7  07:24 pm JST

What a trash country.

Backwards and stupid. Should've seen it coming.

plasticmonkeyMay 7  08:03 pm JST


Fanatics. I've seen and met quite a number of Muslim women who don't dress like that. It's a bad stereotype.

So the Religious dress code they came up with is akin to a School Uniform for Women, but without the benefits of them going to School, or working, or doing anything else other than having the misfortune of being born a Woman, and destined to live a life hidden (locked) away. This latter part is a Crime, a crime against Humanity within the Afghan state. Women there, deserve better treatment, or be allowed to leave and live elsewhere, where they can live more freely in the way that they want.

Catholic school kids have to abide with uniform dress codes. That's hypocrisy, not what Catholicism is about. And the same goes for this. This isn't true Islam. These dress code enforcers are the ones with their minds in the gutter. The problem is them.

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Taliban gotta Tali-ban.

I'd ask all the Afghans who didn't back the US working with the Afghan govt, are you happy now? Congratulations.

Obviously, would have been better if there weren't extremists in Afghanistan and the country were left alone, but that isn't the real world.

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Any time the head of government has to give themselves a title of "supreme leader"... sounds like a real leader for the people doesn't it.

I really wish the current and previous administration had trained and armed the women instead of the men, because then the women could leave the men in their little corrupt delusions of superiority and create a better society for the country without those fanatical freaks.

Women wouldn't be told they can't be educated if they had an ak-47 backing them up. "I have to wear a burqa?! MAKE ME."

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