Taliban publicly execute Afghan woman for adultery


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ONe good reason why they shouldn't be given any money for "aid" and "support".

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Anyone told Hilary about this? Maybe the Karzi guy with the begging bowl might like to comment. And would this be the same Taliban that Karzi wants to negotiate peace with? How many years of war has there been and how many thousands have died to bring us to this?

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Quote: "Salangi said two Taliban commanders were sexually involved with the woman in Parwan, either through rape or romantically, and decided to torture her and then kill her to settle a dispute between the two of them."

Says it all, really.

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Wow, they shot her in public....that's wrong!!

There are ways women can avoid this.

1 Don't cheat on your husband.

That was easy.

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Do these bearded dimwits ever execute any men for adultery I wonder? This backwards, dump of a country should be isolated from the rest of the world and the people left to fight amongst themselves.

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These same sick twisted Talibani bastards also fight and kill each other OVER YOUNG BOYS! Sure, they are religious and married but on the side, guess who they really LOVE?? Saw it on a BBC documentary just made me sick to my stomach! RIP poor woman born in a messed up country

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No aid money no nothing for these barbaric numb skulls, they need to come into the 21st century before the west gives them 1 more cent of aid money.

Did that corrupt Karzai know about this or does he even care.

The taliban are not welcome in the polotical scene.

Execute these clueless religious drop kicks, killing this women in the name of ALLAH, ha allah is nothing but imaginary used by weak to carry out their wants.

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Humanitarian aid goes to civilians who have nothing to do with these conflicts. Stopping the aid won't really help.

Stop the arms inflow from the US and Russia (and others), now that would be a great help.

By the way, what does Afghanistan have that the West wants so much? Oil and other natural resources?

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NetNinja, the article says "she was accused of..." but there is no suggestion that she actually did 'cheat on her husband' as you so eloquently put it.

In fact, if you read the article you will discover there is strong evidence that she did not 'cheat' on anyone and was executed for other convenient reasons, and the crowd whipped up for entertainment. In the name of the scriptures, mob rule OK?

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When men are accused of adultery, the women are blamed for tempting them... When women are accused of adultery, the women are blamed for tempting them... Must be one of the worst places on this planet to be a woman....

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When men are accused of adultery, the women are blamed for tempting them... When women are accused of adultery, the women are blamed for tempting them... Must be one of the worst places on this planet to be a woman....

Must be one of the worst places in this planet to be ANYTHING !

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Come on, I know you are not implying that it's the woman's fault, right. You have to be on some serious metabolic substance if you even think that way. Whether she did or didn't is beside the point and NOW we will never, ever really know the truth, because she is dead! These bastards took it upon themselves to just off her, I am not sure if these guys had factual concrete evidence, but for the Taliban it doesn't matter, only what Allah thinks is important and is everything. Going to Timbuktu and destroying thousand year old ancient ruins and artifact because it is seen as idolatry, therefore it must be taken down is nauseating to say the least. The Taliban are the worst of the worst, they all need to be wasted and then can the Afghan people really be at ease. The Taliban are are living in the stone ages. Total anarchy and it doesn't help the perception of Islam being a tolerant religion, because if it is, I don't want to see what it's like they get pissed off!

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bass4funk, your heart is in the right place but a couple of small factual inconsistencies.

The Taliban (with perhaps al-Qaida encouragement) blew up the Bamian statues in Afghanistan, but in Timbuktu, Africa, the destruction and vandalism was by al-Qaida and local followers.

Also you say that the Taliban do "only what Allah thinks is important". If we had true faith then perhaps we could see what Allah thinks, but in the case of the Taliban they don't, and Allah thinks only whatever the Taliban decide He must. Allah has become a puppet to say whatever they pronounce. The majority of people themselves are too afraid of the power of the gun in the hands of crazed preachers to express what is true and right, or anything else useful that they might have understood from true faith.

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Good people will generally do good things, bad people will generally do bad things. But it takes religion to make good people do evil and cruel things....

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The ever peaceful Islam. And the wondrous human right in Muslim countries, where you can own the women, but don't need to really call it owning! Second to heaven, I presume! Say, all praise to Allah!!

To all the Muslim readers, don't you feel a bit proud about how diligently they follow your religion! Doesn't it make you feel ashamed that you can not do it where you are staying? Don't you want to be more like them and uphold the Quran's teaching in all the countries of the world and get rid of all the infidels?

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These nut cases will eventually pay for their goofyness...All RELiGiON is just a crutch for these nut cases...

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Savages, and another good reason to say: " Yanks come home" asap. A leopard never changes HIS spots, even at the cost of billions of dollars of USA taxpayer funds.

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Money cannot buy sanity or decency, ring fence this backward rubbish dump of a place with a very very high concrete wall and be done with it.

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"Wow, they shot her in public....that's wrong!! There are ways women can avoid this."

I'm just trying to wrap my head around NetNinja's implicit suggestion that it's perfectly acceptable to murder someone for adultery . . . as long as it's done in private.

It's difficult, to say the least, to convince bass-ackwards folks like the Taliban that their way of thinking is not only outdated, but also barbaric, when there are plenty of people here in the "civilized" West who are all too willling to dressed up their emotional baggage as moral righteousness and parade it in front of the world.

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The Afghanistan govenment have no control over the Taliban. This shouldn't have surprised anyone when it comes to the Taliban. The Taliban were/are ruthless and imposed very harsh laws, Sharia law, on the people prior to the US involvement in Afghanistan and still do so today.

For people to say Afghanistan is a backward country have very little knowlege of the country much less the rest of Middle East when it comes Islamic law.

This backwards, dump of a country should be isolated from the rest of the world and the people left to fight amongst themselves.

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan prior to the US involement in Afghanistan. The Northern Alliance were fighting the Taliban.

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Although offtopic it seems to come to basic hate, same as taliban couldnt share a women so they killed her for their pride, NetNinja ( based on all his previous comments ) was most likely dumped by his gf for a woman which manifests into automatic rage against women... very sad and barbaric...

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I can not see why people are being offended by comments from NetNinja? He is just making those comments based on the teaching of his religion! Are you saying the teaching of Islam is unacceptable? OMA (Oh my Allah)!! Now the Muslims need to blow you off!! You poor infidels!

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There are ways women can avoid this. 1 Don't cheat on your husband.

You think it's avoidable in a place when unmarried (or worse married) 9 yr old old girls raped by pervs are considered guilty of adultery ? Not that they even need a reason. Taliban proverb : "Shoot the woman, bro ! Even if you don't know why, she knows.".

11 years into the NATO-led war against Taliban insurgents.

That's what the NATO has done : transformed those ordinary psychopaths into insurgents. And it's the second time ("the Afghan freedom fighters" of President Ronald Reagan ). Insurgents ? Come one. Now they pass for warriors and terrorists, which looks scary, so much better than unmotivated scmbgs They are not heroes. They are not into religion nor into politics. They're into violence. We should have let their fellow compatriots and fellow Muslims deal with them.

To all the Muslim readers, don't you feel a bit proud about how diligently they follow your religion!

Why would they ? Even if the most fundamentalism Islamic Republics are terrible oppressive, that's not the permanent savage bloodshed the population there are getting. I'm not for religions. But it's silly to reproach the Inquisition's sadistic trials to Mother Teresa.

shoots her five times at close range with an automatic rifle, to cheers of jubilation from the 150 or so men watching in a village

We should have cut the supply of armaments to these mountains, But we've collectively done the contrary during 3 decades, and the guns made these mad guys able to take power on general population... Look, that beast shot a woman in 2 minutes. Bang, bang, bang... Anyone disagrees ? Al-Bonobo will shoot you too ! Bang, bang... But during the 6000 years when they had to find stones to kill the adultery women, they were doing it often, if ever, as they had all the village against them. Then as long as they could only beat their wives bare hands of with branches of trees they had to find in the woods, they were not making the law in their houses. They were going straight as they feared their mothers and wives, like any mentally deficient guy does or should. Imagine Tokyo if the CIA and the KGB had came to dispatch automatics and systematically trained them like wrestling pittbulls all the weirdos that attack randomly with knives or abduct little girls on supermarket parkings...

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they were doing it often, if ever,

They were NOT doing it.

I'm just trying to wrap my head

No, please LFR. We already have enough guys that wrap their deficient brains. We don't need more. LOL. Netninja is just our resident simple soccer hooligan that was educated in the street or in the hills. But he wouldn't shoot his wife, because she is the one that keeps the rifle in his trailer...

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When the Russian Army was battling the Taliban in Afghanistan The West,led by the US, aided the Taliban by giving arms and money...The Russians finally realized that these nut jobs were not worth the effort and left the country..The US got bitten by the mad dogs they had been feeding and decided to do a bit of pest control ...Now the US has also learned that these nut jobs just are not worth the trouble and will never be good citizens of the modern world..I feel bad for those in Afghanistan that would love to be rescued from such an horrible existence but there is a good portion of the population that do not want to see change. IMO The Government leaders fear a world where their wives and daughters no longer are subservient to men. If the Afghan people desire change they will make it happen. It does not surprise me one bit that two madmen in Afghanistan would execute a woman in the name of Ala only to settle a personal score, nor that there would be a crowd of men cheering them on... as an earlier poster noted,this country should be isolated from the free world.

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a sign that the austere Islamist group dictates law even near the Afghan capital.

Describing the Taliban as what they are - barbaric and medieval - would be the sane, honorable and civilized thing to do in this instance. But the elitist, moral relativists of the mainstream media would never be so judgemental.

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We should just leave Afghanistan to itself. If this is how they want things, let them have it.

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I've been on this forum for only a short time now but I've read NetNinja's comments time and time again. He's definitely not trying to win the popularity contest, that's for sure. But there's one thing I've noticed in his posts. He always turns things on itself. The press and the media want us to see the big bad Taliban but at the same time no one is willing to take the side of indelity or cheating.

Not one poster here is willing to say "It's a woman's right to cheat on her husband with a straight face" Same could be said for men. To be perfectly honest, you can't defend any of it. You can't defend the Taliban but you can't defend the woman either.

Japan has done much worst. If we look at WWII, they were raping and humiliating women left and right.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. The article is incomplete.

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Crystayle.....No one needs state that this woman has a right to have sex with a man other than her husband...Women and men have been "Cheating" on one another always..Yes some do and some do not..however it is, and has been, a prevalent part of the human condition. Infidelity is well recognized and excepted in most free societies..There are few modern countries that have judicial punishments for infidelity,although there are some civil penalties such as in divorce and custody proceedings.. That being said,It may be considered morally wrong to cheat,it certainly should be considered more so to kill a person for something as benign as having a sexual encounter outside the marriage..

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Well, Steve, how does your wife feel about your comments?

Perhaps you should return your moral compass and get a new one. You've decided to support such behavior.

Do mind if my friend has his way with your partner?

There are people in this world that have greater faith and conviction than we could ever imagine. Some societies don't want episodes of Sex and the City. *Samantha wouldn't even get past Immigration in some countries for her own good. They feel strongly about drugs in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. They don't want that stuff anywhere near their society. The penalty is "Death".

Here we have a very religious group. No one doubts their conviction in their beliefs. They will NOT under any circumstances allow immorality such as infidelity into thier society. The penalty is "Death".

In the case of that poor Ghana man who had overstayed his Visa the penalty was death. They killed that guy and there was no prosecution whatsoever.

There is clearly a difference in opinion and response based on gender. If it's a man killed by the Japanese immigration well, that's soon forgotten but if it's a woman then suddenly everybody is ready to stand up for Human Rights. It's very hypocritical. But then again, you are trying to make an argument for behavior that is immoral to begin with. Good luck with that.

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People have to think about that they don't mean cheating like in the west. So the if the victim is raped it is her fault, that also mean it is adultery, these people minds are really set in the middle ages. A goat has more rights than a female under the Taliban regime.

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Wow Crystalyle you are far off base! I did not condone adulatory behavior.. I only stated that having a sexual encounter outside ones marriage is not unheard of and that a woman that has sex outside of her marriage is not deserving of being shot in the street like a pest. If your" moral compass" is so poorly calibrated as to direct you down such a dark moral trail so be it....I just believe otherwise.

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"Not one poster here is willing to say "It's a woman's right to cheat on her husband with a straight face"

Not a problem. Here you go:

It's entirely a person's right as a free-thinking sentient being to cheat on his or her spouse, if he or she chooses to do so. and with a straight face, a funny face, a sad face, or whatever expression he or she feels suits the occasion.

Again, you're making the same sort of back-door claim that a person who cheats on his or her spouse deserves to be murdered. And that's rubbish, pure and simple, and I honestly can't believe a presumably adult poster would have the audacity to bring such a puerile argument to bear in a discussion with other adults.

I can't defend the woman? From being murdered? You're damned right I can.

There is no, "Well the Taliban is bad, but what about the woman?" argument here. You do not and cannot equate walking up to another human being and shooting her in the head with something so ultimately trivial as cheating. And if you believe you can, then I urge you to stay out of any sort of relationship until you reach a maturity level these Taliban asshats very clearly lack.

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Taliban! messed up people!!! They have no value or place in this world. If Allah/god really did exist surely he I would get rid of them

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All those who are saying, just leave them alone, their country their religion etc...are they staying there? How are all these honor killing happening in UK? They are coming to all countries and spreading their stupid beliefs and hatred that is effecting us....if not today, in a very near future. Look at Australia, Netherlands etc. The problem with "their religion" is, they don't keep it to themselves, but throws at our face. Adultery is bad for their society, so why punish the women only? If a woman is raped, it is still her fault, because her dress provoked the rapist!! Wow!

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@Netninja Wow, 25 thumbs down and counting, never seen so many, awesome!!!

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And they wonder why we in non-Islamic countries despise and fear them. They rewrite their own religious texts to justify executions and murder... evil bastards.

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People cheating is a biological fact of nature. Lots of animals do it on the sly for the very simple reason of trying to get your offspring the best possible genes. Morality is a human-made construct and totally irrelevant, imo.

In this case though, as some people have pointed out, she wasn't cheating. She was a mistress of two different Taliban wankers who only killed her to settle a dispute between themselves.

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@netninja yea mate, for all you know she might have been raped and still shot for adultery. Sharia, definitely one step forward for mankind huh

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So what is Karzai planning to do about this besides demand more US presence, then belittle the US presence when innocents are hit, then give in to the Taliban when they seem to hold more power? Afghanistan should not be given a DIME in aid until it declares the Taliban outlaws and criminals. Instead Karzai allows that women can be raped if they don't have sex with their husband on demand (he later retracted that after international pressure), and is trying to woo the Taliban back into politics.

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Was just reading up more on this and it's more and more infuriating. Apparently a police force has been sent out to the village in question but have already said, "They fled to the mountains" (ie. nothing we can do).

I say all promised aid be stopped until these men are brought to justice. That might put a little more spirit into the search, and a little less giving in to the Taliban.

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CNN reports that they shot her nine times rather than five, and that "Both Taliban commanders were subsequently killed by a third Taliban commander".

Retreat and let them get on with it already.......

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Madverts, ssssh.... the word is 'withdraw' .

smith, so 150 jubilant men fled into the mountains? (no villagers involved?)

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"We should just leave Afghanistan to itself"

Sounds good, but we tried that and lost over 3,000 of our citizens in terrorist attacks planned by wackos supported by the Taliban.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

nandakandamanda: The article I read simply stated that those responsible had fled into the mountains. And no, I doubt many villagers, if any, were with them.

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Not doing anything cannot solve this problem. 9/10 Afgran women are brutally, physically, emotionally abused in life time. It is a hell for them. We have a video as a proof. Let's catch these 3 Talibans and bring them into justice. We need to go after them. They are a animal. .

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sounds good, but we tried that and lost over 3,000 of our citizens in terrorist attacks planned by wackos supported by the Taliban.

If you believe that leaving Afghanistan to itself means arming one side in a war. Then yeah you really left them alone. And don't forget most of those wackos were from and supported by your good friends the Saudis don't see you invading them or calling them names

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

The "aid" ends up in the pockets of the rich and she was raped by the men. Then in the story post divorce and the ex-wife. America need to pull out, no more aid and let them sink into the cesspool of their own creation. The Saudis used them to make the 911 attack. After all who's citizens hijacked the airplanes and flew them into the targets? As I see it there are groups of thugs trying to control the country and the national leaders are just one of those groups.

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150 raving talliban lunatics out in public? Sounds like an excellent opportunity for a drone strike. I believe the term is a 'target rich environment'.

That conflict needs to change. Less troops, deeper information networks, and more effective allocation of force. Thats not going to happen though, darn shame.

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The Taliban are a bunch of stone age thugs. A target rich environment, indeed. Extremism in the name of religion is always an ugly thing. Glad Europe and the US have pretty much given up on this uncivilized type of behaviour.

The problem with letting them sink into their own cesspool is that, sometimes, the cesspool overflows. Better to clean up the mess over there.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

If the Taliban are stone age, then why did America threaten to bombe them back to the stone age when Bin Laden had his apartment in Afghanistan?

Really weird as America got on well with the Taliban until the talks about the gas pipeline in 2000 fell through.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

So two guys are doing the girl, but SHE'S the one committing adultry? Seems to me these "two Taliban commanders" were just as guilty and should be punished as well. Nothing so permanent as death, though. Surgical removal of the genitals should ensure that they never find themselves in this situation again, while forcing them to live the rest of their lives as pathetic shadows of their former selves. An good luck with your 72 virgins after death when you aren't "packing".

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-Just One example of why the West should do Everything in their respective powers to Deny Entry to Islamists and their Sharia Laws , which is as backward as it is inhuman!-Stop Aiding these corrupt entities!

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Ah, the news is so honest.

In 2005 a woman was stoned to death for adultery in Northern Afghanistan, the territory of our Northern alliance buddies. But of course that was reported as being outside the law. Don't want to hurt the image of our buddies!

But here we have two guys who just happen to belong to the Taliban, but gone rogue, and the incident is blamed on the entire Taliban like this is what they do, all the time.

This is just sick. And its amazing how many of you fall for the propaganda each and every time.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

A target rich environment,

A prime example of how people are brainwashed to commit mass murder. I do believe we are better than the Taliban. I do believe the Northern Alliance is better than the Taliban. But there are plenty of examples of why neither are all that much better. I think we should all be more concerned with the guy next to us than the Taliban. Its not like the people who make up the Taliban have been separate from the rest of the nation for centuries. Its all the same people, and they are mostly all pretty crazy.

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It's a woman's right to cheat on her husband with a straight face and not get killed for it! same goes for men! Divorce or whatever .. sure but who the hell are you to kill a person for making love with someone.

There - with straight face!

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One, you do recognize the irony in providing a news link to a story about a woman being stoned to death while you complain about news sources failing to be forthcoming about non-Taliban related murders of women, right?

Two, in the very same link you provide, the BBC reports in the last sentence of the article that, "During the Taleban's rule, women were regularly stoned to death for adultery."

" . . . the incident is blamed on the entire Taliban like this is what they do, all the time."

A brief list of where women fit in the Taliban's world view:

o Complete ban on women working outside their homes, including teachers, doctors and engineers.

o Complete restriction on women's movement outside of their houses without a mahram (father, brother or husband).

o Ban on dealing with male shopkeepers.

o Ban on being treated by a male doctor.

o Ban on studying at school, university or any other educational institution.

o Compulsory wearing of a long veil (Burqa) which covers women from head to toe.

o Whipping, beating and verbal abuse of women whose Burqa is not worn in accordance to Taliban rules. The same applies to women found in public without a mahram.

o Whipping of women in public for having non-covered ankles.

o Public stoning of women for having sex outside marriage (a number of lovers are stoned to death under this rule.)

o Ban on all use of make-up (a number of women's fingers have been amputated for having painted nails).

These are just the top ten items to be found on a 30-item list of restrictions placed on women by the Taliban, both during their rule in Afghanistan, and by all accounts, in their countless uncontested fiefdoms throughout Afghanistan and the mountains of Pakistan.

This list was compiled, not by a dishonest news source, as you maintain, but rather the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.

So actually, yes, this is what the Taliban does, all the time.

What should be more disturbing to all of us is that more detailed accounts of what happened seem to indicate that this woman, Najiba, hadn't actually committed adultery, but rather had been executed as some sort of political revenge related to strains within the local Taliban militia.

So, in other words, religious mumbo jumbo is being used to justify political assassinations in Afghanistan.

And here we've got folks trying to dish out wholly contrived "rage" with painfully simplistic political relativism arguments.

You're being disingenuous, Mumbo. A keyword search of "Honor Killings in Afghanistan" produced 491,000 results at Google, more than enough to deflate your Political Causes 101, "The media is so biased and you folks are all impressionable sheep" shtick.

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