Taliban replace women's ministry with notorious vice department

By David FOX

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It's Baacckk!

To anyone who wasn't old enough to remember the first time around (lucky you), this was a most infamous Taliban government ministry that in the 1990s deployed vans full of men around the country - most mostly in urban settings - with whips and electric cable to ensure that women adhered to rules on not working outside the home or the mandatory wearing of burkas. They would beat people just to enforce dress codes for men and women (including beard length and thickness for men), enforce participation in public prayers, and patrol for inappropriate contact (including hand-holding) between men and women.

Think they changed? In an interview with journalists, Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen, when asked about human rights and women’s rights yesterday, said: “We are committed to empowering women with all basic rights, but of course, we have a different culture compared to other countries. We are committed to giving them education and work. Opportunities; therefore, there is no problem with the protection of women’s rights.”

One of the outlets, reporting on this press gaggle, in relation to measures on women's rights, proudly told its Chinese readership that: "Activities to assist women or increase the freedom of international humanitarian organizations, including relevant United Nations agencies, to carry out activities in Afghanistan to release their goodwill towards the international community on women’s issues. Of course, in order to maintain internal unity and build an "Islamic State" policy propositions, the Taliban may implement these policies in relatively obscure ways."

Obscure ways?

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The Taliban have stopped girls from attending secondary education.

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Almost amusing how some people hoped they might have changed.

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The same old leopard with the same old spots.

No longer will Government represent women in Afghanistan. The Taliban just seeks to repress them.

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