Taliban say they won't work with U.S. to contain Islamic State


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The talks also come on the heels of two days of difficult discussions between Pakistani officials and U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman in Islamabad that focused on Afghanistan. Pakistani officials urged the U.S. to engage with Afghanistan's new rulers and release billions of dollars in international funds to stave off an economic meltdown.

Maybe not too big a surprise, since they announced that they will likely go back into legalisation of farming of poppy, according to a report. They believe it would soon boost their economy.

No more grapes and figs for them.

From RepublicWorld:

Earlier, it was assumed that the Taliban would not allow the nourishment of the poppy farms in the southern parcel of the war-ravished country. The [expert] familiar with the developments of the extremist groups had believed they would endeavour to institute a hardline interpretation of Islamic Law and therefore would not allow cultivation of poppy. While reacting to the reports, Deputy Minister of Counter Narcotics, Haji Abdul Haq Akhond Hamkar, said that the door is still open to potential "legalisation" of farming -- providing Afghans are not the ones harmed. "We either create alternative jobs or legalise it. Then the problem is solved," Hamkar conjectures. "We are working on it; we are open to the idea." Meanwhile, the reports also revealed that the top leadership in the Taliban government are of the view that legalising the poppy would help them in growing the war-battered economy.

Since pharmaceutical companies get their supply almost exclusively from export poppy from Australia and Turkey, this would likely all be exclusively illicit narcotic production and distribution.

Also didn't really know that Islamic law can be stretched to make the illegal drug trade acceptable, so long as "Afghans are not the ones harmed."

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ISIS-K is more of a problem for China than the US. They will stir things up in Xinjiang in retaliation for the Uyghur genocide. Maps of what ISIS-K calls their "caliphate" include most of Xinjiang. Many Uyghurs have reportedly fought alongside ISIS in Syria.

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Many Uyghurs have reportedly fought alongside ISIS in Syria.

That is what China would like you to believe. Evidence?

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This is not a surprise..

Strong people wants to work with strong people. Taliban does not want to work with Biden Administration. period.


Because Biden team run away from Afghanistan as a dog putting the tail between leg. ( This is what Taliban says) They left 5 billion dollars worth of weapons and military equipment and could not even save own people. Now begging help from mercy.

So it is Obvious that Taliban said what the title of this article says.

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What’s Biden and Blinken going to do now? Demand women in the Taliban government again?

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Trump trained and armed the Afghan forces

Oh really?

“And we trained Afghan forces to take responsibility for their own security. “

“our forces are now focused on two narrow missions: training and advising Afghan forces….”

”As President, I focused our strategy on training and building up Afghan forces”

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Rather than accept defeat just easier to blame Biden for it all.

Because he is the President and as the leader of the nation who makes all final decisions and as he himself has said, “the buck stops with me.”

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Trump excluded our 20 year Afghan allies from the Feb 20 negotiations and threw them under the bus....

He and Pompeo then agreed to everything the Taliban demanded to include releasing 5K hard core terrorists from prison....

Trump and Pompeo own Afghanistan - they were the ones that put the Taliban back into power...

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Because of September 11th, the USA has a right and duty to conduct surgical military strikes in Afghanistan, especially with the Taliban in control there.

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Trump continued with the program

That’s not what you said the first time.

Trump and Pompeo are off topic and neither are mentioned in this article.

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Again, the sitting President has and bears the ultimate responsibility for all decisions that they make on the battlefield whether it’s Washington, Truman, Nixon, Bush or Biden. The buck stops always with the commander in chief-Period.

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The IS affiliate claimed responsibility and identified the bomber as a Uyghur Muslim.

Is this the same peace loving Uyghurs the anti China crowd support unquestionably?

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Trump turning tail for the taliban is turning into a treasure trove of tough luck for the right.

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Again, the sitting President has and bears the ultimate responsibility for all decisions that they make on the battlefield whether it’s Washington, Truman, Nixon, Bush or Biden. The buck stops always with the commander in chief-Period.

"Period?" Ho do you explain this then....

President Donald Trump on Friday deflected blame for his administration’s lagging ability to test Americans for the coronavirus outbreak, insisting instead — without offering evidence — that fault lies with his predecessor, Barack Obama.

*“I don't take responsibility at all,” **Trump said defiantly,*

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Like I said yesterday, the Taliban upper echelon do not want to loose power by having another civil war. IS has already won "the protection racket" strategy with one bombing. IS will continue to gain power until the Taliban becomes the 80"s-90"s Taliban, or until IS commits another global terrorist attack that will incite another international conflict with foreign forces occupying the region.

With IS in control, what ransom will China pay to keep IS out of Chinese business (weapons, money, intel, Uygher brides.....?

This country is doomed because homicidal ignorant man-boys keep taking power!

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To be fair to the Taliban they did not emphasize so much that they “won’t work with the US”, rather that they feel they can do it on their own.

They are probably reluctant to give the US carte blanche to conduct drone sorties throughout the skies of Afghanistan. Understandable in the circumstances.

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Of course, they won’t, they know too well from their own experience and from the Iraq sample what happens to states that get US support as soon as those states are no longer needed. By the way the retreat of the US troops was initiated by Mr. Trump not Mr. Biden. That the retreat was not a retreat but a running away as fast as they could regardless the mess they left behind that was the Biden Administrations doing.

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