Taliban staging massive house-to-house sweep across Kabul


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"Focus on securing Europe from Putin," replied Muhammad Jalal, a Taliban official with a prolific social media presence. "Afghans know what they are doing."

No, the TALIBAN know what they are doing... Afghans just wish they could live their lives comfortably. Other countries are still watching you, since you still want to ask for foreign aid and financing.

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These sweeps are really aimed at ethnic, religious and sexual minorities - who are often labeled as "criminals" and get instant justice and draconian punishments from the Taliban.

BTW, whatever happened to those dire predictions last October that the West needed to give the Taliban billions of Euros or over a million Afghans would starve this past winter? Winter is almost over. It was just another shakedown attempt at soft-hearted fools in the West.

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No focus on them, all spots are on bad guy Putin , so the Taliban have free hands and they use it excessively in that time span.

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A good example of why the US Constitution has the 4th Amendment.

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