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Taliban supreme leader makes first public appearance


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How could anyone resist that winning smile!

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Well, no surprise it wasn't a woman.

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I wish him misfortune

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ISIS is giving them a hard time now and the taliban look quite helpless against them. Afghanistan is going to get worse and worse from now on!!!

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Likely one of Mike Pompeo's selfie buddies....after signing the Feb 2020 surrender agreement...


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"As he is our teacher, and everyone's teacher. We are trying to learn something from him," he added.

The KORAN is the constitution of any Islamic nation, it addresses every aspect of life, and If it is implemented any where you will have a true and just system.

The sad part is every one tries to twist it to make it fit their agenda, just as it is with the Bible, the Tora and all common laws.

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Public appearances for him are fraught with danger. There are rival groups in Afghanistan and even Western intelligence agents who might try a revenge assassination.

In this photo, he has been trimming his mustache a little too much. The beard is okay but traditional culture holds that the mustache should not be trimmed but rather oiled to the sides and mingled with the beard hairs as it grows longer.

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And so it begins….again….

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