Taliban warn all foreign firms to leave Pakistan


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Yeah pull the pin and leave them to it, the taliban can have the dump, leave em to it, lets not waste any more moeny or resources on them, the people are on the taliabn side, and mostly corrupt

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That's all fine and good, but remember that Pakistan has nuclear weapons. If the taliban eventually take over, they will have possession of about 120 warheads.

That's probably reason enough to care not to let that happen.

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Pakistan needs to move their army from the Eastern border, where it is useless, to the Western border and crush the militants. It also needs to do a lot to change the current status. Otherwise, Pakistan will continue to turn into a larger and nuclear armed Afghanistan.

Pakistan needs to shut down the Madrassas and imprison all the hardliners like Egypt did in the 70s, but the hardliners do Pakistan's dirty work. So, it hasn't and probably will not happen.

Instead, Pakistan has played India as the big enemy at their Eastern border and has nurtured the enemy in their own borders. The government Pakistan also has played a double game for too long with America, Afghanistan, India, and the people of Pakistan.

Pull out, sure. I want to see that. But we also need to be concerned with nuclear weapons falling into extremists' hands.

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Now that America is set to produce tons of oil and natural gas, can we build a wall around these countries and let them blow up each other?

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Peter Payne - Awesome idea. Let these nutbags blow each other up.

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Don't forget India sharing the southern border and the tension with Pakistan in the past. Those talibans need to be controlled before their reach is even further. And both Pakistan and India have nukes!

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"This operation will continue till the surrender or elimination of enemy," Khawaja Asif, the Pakistani defence minister said.

This seems to be my advice. Let's hope they follow through. 30,000 Pakistan troops are being deployed along with gunships, artillery, and attack jets.

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Salman Rushdie is right: Pakistan sucks

That said, at least they are killing Taliban now.

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Do you guys really think the Taliban would support the science required to produce and upkeep nukes? No way would these gun-toting goat herders be able to keep a nuclear arsenal.

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By threatening foreign businesses, it sounds as if the Taliban have just signed their own death warrant.

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Can't the Russians or the Chinese do anything to help here?

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