Ted Cruz taps Carly Fiorina to serve as running mate


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“The only way he’s going to get in office is divine intervention,” McAdams said. “We pray for his campaign every day.” - article

Ted's 'hail Mary' is another failure. Fiorina is poison proving two wrongs don't make Ted Cruz right about anything including his two billion dollar cost of Government shutdown he stuck the American People with.

Sounds just like the Seven Trillion Bush stuck the Taxpayer with in his war of private profit.

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Ted Cruz taps Carly Fiorina to serve as running mate

Ha! That's comedy central.

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Fired as CEO, lost big to a Democrat in a senate run during a year heavily favoring Republicans, rejected by her own party during her presidential bid - hey, great pick, Ted! After this next inevitable failure, she'll have a heck of a resume.

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Its Cruz's attempt to regain ground after such a big loss on Tuesday. It certainly appeals to those shallow voters who think it's time for a woman, VP, yet the first. Just like some of the liberal mindless voters who think it's about time for a woman president.

Reality, black, white, Hispanic, oriental, man or woman, strait or homosexual may the best person win. Competence is what is needed, not a listed label.

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Cruz picking a VP while losing in the primaries is like Palin clearing space on a shelf to make room for her Nobel prize in literature.

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A much better choice than Kasich. Ted Cruz is looking less "pathetic" now. Expect Cruz/Fiorina to lose Indiana, but in California it may get interesting.

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Strange choice. For both of them.

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his two billion dollar cost of Government shutdown he stuck the American People with.


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@badsay: Unlike Kasich, she will not say she made bankrupting Ohio to nation's mostvwealthy industrial State type funny story Californian won't believe. This must be his attempt to gain Calif. Delegates?

Sanders announced 100 campaign officers will be released nationwide. This is understandable. Think what kind of people apply to such jobs ? Temp workers, if a kind person find a job, their attitude is snob. This kind of problem, seasoned. Politicians recruit univ students for field workers. Now Sanders learned how to fire.

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Great headline. Her singing a childish song at the presser was just excruciating. no wonder HP is going down the pan.

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“First of all, he shouldn’t be naming anybody because he doesn’t even have a chance

For once, Trump has a good point there.

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Background on Ted Cruz's Government Shutdown shows pairing Fiorina's failure at HP with Cruz's pigheadedness makes little sense to Republicans who have demanded fiscal responsibility as their cover for prejudice.

Himajin asks: 'Cruz directly cost the American Taxpayer two billion dollars in his Government shutdown singlehandedly?'

fyi: "Cruz famously spearheaded the 2013 federal government shutdown that cost the economy $24 billion and taxpayers $2 billion. He brazenly supported Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses as required by the U.S. Supreme Court. He has also said people would “quite rightly” revolt if a brokered GOP convention in Cleveland were to produce a nominee other than him or Trump."

source: Cruz Is As Bad As Trump And Maybe Worse: Armand V. Cucciniello III - USA TODAY - Thursday, April 7, 2016

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Carly isn’t intimated by bullies

I guess you can't really expect an illegal like Cruz to be speak English. His choice of Fiorina isn't surprising and actually fits his low quality perfectly

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I think it is too late. But this could be her next time Presidential campaign preparation. She figured he is done.

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Man oh man the Repubs are a real joke to watch!

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Teaming up with Kaisch to try and beat Trump ended in a backfire of epic proportions, and not this act of desperation... haha. Smarter than the dolt McCain teamed up with, absolutely, but yet somehow still just as stupid a choice. But let's face it, we're talking about Republicans. The current group of clowns leave no good choices at all.

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I do not care because I am not a Republican voter, but this woman destroyed the organization of HP. Remember that?

It was a hell of fight to get her out from HP.

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Man oh man the Repubs are a real joke to watch!

Ouch! Guess I gotta wear that shoe. I just stocked-up on more microwave popcorn.

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To be fair, Global, who could have seen that the rapid commoditization of PCs would make the Compaq purchase akin to selling freezers to Inuit? Oh - perhaps those paid $30 million a year for precisely that purpose. She should have teamed up with Trump - he had equally exquisite timing in launching Trump Mortgage in 2006.

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The last rites of a desperate man choosing her.

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So, that means there could be one and a half women on this ticket?

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"Desperate times call for desperate measures." Hippocrates, and not Cruz. has it correctly. An apology goes to everyone who has watched the USA presidential nomination process. It is the result of the USA Civil War. Slavery was not the cause of the war. States Rights was the reason, and the result still exists in many ways. The nomination and primary election is the first step. The second step is the Electoral College. NO president is directly elected by the USA people. Cruz has very little chance of being elected, but it is an interesting game to watch.

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I sort of get Trump's appeal as many ppl do like loud and brash individuals, men who use and abuse of clichés, populist threats etc and we all have to admit DT is good at it.

However I still fail to understand what Cruz has to offer. I mean he is a poor orator with no charisma whatsoever, his intellect NEVER shines through and he emanates a really creepy vibe that I have rarely felt/seen in a politician. This guy wont be USA next president that's for sure.

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He appeals to religious fundies in the US. The American Taliban. OK, different religion, much cooler pick-ups and personalized hand guns - but that's about the only thing separating them from their Muslim counterparts.

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An inexperienced right wing conservative and a business executive who killed Hewlett Packard.

Madness. What, women will now vote for him? I feel bad for Fiorina, she is just a pawn for a loser.

Well, Cruz will go down in history as the third idiot to try this trick. He is losing so badly, he can only resort to tricks and gimmicks. So, maybe give him points (but no votes) for his efforts and tenacity.

Reagan and Brown tried it as a means to prop up their losing campaigns and failed. Reagan at least learned his lesson and waited until he won the next primary before nominating his VP.

My only hope, Cruz will quickly lose the next two primaries in rapid succession so that we stop hearing about him.

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The two of them can star in a late night creature feature once the campaign runs out of cash.

Can you imagine if the two of them had kids? Ouch.

And I have to ask, just how much plastic surgery has Fiorina had? Some of those millions she ripped off from HP went into doctor's pockets for sure.

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Did Ted tap Carly on the shoulder, or?

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I feel bad for Fiorina, she is just a pawn for a loser.

Was gonna thumb you up until I read this. Don't you remember the time just a few short months ago when she stumbled upon a group of kindergarten kids on her way to a press conference, convinced their caretakers to bring them along, and proceeded to use them as stage props while slides in the background demonstrated exaggerated scenes of abortion yuckiness?

The woman deserves the worst.

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. "He appeals to religious fundies in the US. The American Taliban. OK, different religion, much cooler pick-ups and personalized hand guns - but that's about the only thing separating them from their Muslim counterparts."

Except for the kidnappings, beheading, and suicide bombings, right?

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Except for the kidnappings, beheading, and suicide bombings, right?

Mass shootings at abortion clinics? Dragging homosexuals down the road behind pick-up trucks?

The only difference is about 200 years evolution in advance, but I'm sure a President Cruz (heh) would have the US as a Christian theocracy.

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Might as well accept Trump as POTUS. Sanders is too radical, but entertained allot of us with his socialist fantasies. Too many dont like Hillary, and she seems tired and spent. The recent 3 stooges colab of Cruz, Fiona and the other dopey looking one just show another attempt at desperation, and Trump will exploit and crush it. Thats what Im seeing, but Im not really a fan of Trump

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It's times like this that I really mourn the loss of Jon Stewart in the political world.

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"Among all Americans, 45 percent didn’t know enough about Fiorina to rate her, . . . and 32 percent unfavorably." - article

77% don't know and don't like the former CEO of HP, who happened to score a $21 million dollar bonus on her departure while laying off 30,000.

The only thing missing from the profile is her still resolute support for G. W. Bush's Iraq War.

Gods and Guns and Failure. The Cruz cesspool that demands carpet bombing the Middle East.

That's the Gods and Guns part.

Failure is the complete lack of any responsibility for the children slaughtered in the GOP/Tea Forever War based on Bush/Cheney forged documents.

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I predict that the latest @CarlyFiorina merger will be as successful as her last one. -- Barbara Boxer

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Ted Cruz is clown. His running mate Carly Fiorina will be becoming Cruz mating mate when his Presidential candidate was failed to take.

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Trump's delegation count indicate, 'STOP Trump ' movement in GOP seems going down.. Trump has been telling 'women hate Hillary' So Cruz is now displaying Women love Cruz. He must be studying Maps to counter-attack Trump to please GNC to bypass Trump to become candidacy.

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Laguna: The woman deserves the worst.

I tuned out the early the primaries when she was running, so I did not know that she had done that. Nuts.

My sentiment was only that she is just a pawn, and there is nothing about the running candidate/VP pick than a PR stunt.

Still, I do know that she killed HP and would probably do the same for the U.S. I in no way want her anywhere near the Whitehouse, or my kids.

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"Sen. Ted Cruz's campaign is once again facing scrutiny about Cruz's nationality. This time, it's because of comments made by his wife, Heidi."

She was campaigning for her husband in Indiana when she said, "Ted is an immigrant. He is Hispanic. We can unify this party."

source:Cruz Campaign Corrects Heidi After She Calls Ted An Immigrant, May 2nd 2016 4:30AM

Maybe Ted's hairdresser knows for sure his nationality, his wife doesn't.

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