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Teenager on Australia terror plot charge denied bail


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The teenager was also the subject of raids in 2013 and 2014, and his psychologist told the court he was suffering from anxiety and depression as a result of the police visits.

Better a visit by the police than the mortician, eh mate?

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Plenty more of such "teenagers" to come until Australia deal with what is tought in its mosques. But as usual. the only address the symptoms. Following the logic that the San Bernard massacre is a "gun problem", maybe this here is a "teenager problem"...

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Im concerned about him. All that plotting and fear of subsequent police raids stopping him before he can commit mass murder and get to jihad heaven have stressed the poor lad out. Can he at least have the comfort of keeping his beheading pics while in custody?

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@Ohara you're right! And I'm concerned about his human rights! Maybe he should be just given a 1 month prison sentence and then aloud to claim benefits all his life in Australia - well, that's what all the leftists on here would think anyway lol

Just drop him in the middle of the ocean for the hungry sharks.

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@Rick - right on. Put him on a boat and point it towards some wahabi heaven like saudi arabia where he can live in bliiss. If the boat springs a leak along the way and the sharks get him, he gets to islamic paradise that much sooner. Its win- win for the sweet boy!

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"The police prosecutor had alleged the boy used “banana” as a code word in text messages to describe a gun.

“I’m going to get to paradise through banana, God is great, no God but Allah,” said one message read out in court"

Good grief.

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@ohara lol!

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alleged the boy used “banana” as a code word in text messages to describe a gun.

So he's a young punk terrorist that thinks he's a gangsta. He probably got the idea from the song by Ludacris called We Got. He refrences that he has bananas and he ain't talkin'bout fruit.

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“He sleeps in his parents’ bedroom because he’s afraid of being raided all the time,”

Typical jihadi wimp.

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Muslim counter terrorist expert Anna Ali (Anna Aly) blamed Government's post 9/11 "War on Terror" policy as the problem of radicalizing young Australian Muslims. Muslims never see the Quran as radicalizing tool to young, adult and old Muslims. The Muslims, weak Politicians and left wing journalists criticized former elected PM Tony Abbott for speaking out about Islam and calling to reform Islam religion. They all quiet when similar comment by Egyptian President Sisi called for to reform Islam religion.

Australian Muslims have problem and difficulty with denouncing Islamist terrorists’ activity like Paris terrorism attack. The Muslims leaders and Muslim peoples they do not denounce Paris terrorism attack. They do not speak out openly but I understand most of Australian Muslims accept Paris terrorism attack as "Allah willing". Australia Grand Muti Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed doesn’t condone and denounce to Paris terrorist attack. Obviously, Muslim leader thinks the Paris attack was "Allah willing".

The Grand Muti of Australian Muslims Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mohammed replied to former PM Tony Abbott's calling for reform with Islam religion by “Islam is not in any need of reformation since with normative principles and practices of the religion allow (sic) Muslims to harmoniously coexist within pluralist societies that are based on the universal values of compassion and justice."

There will be terrorism attack on Western civilized soil as long as Muslims ignore to reform Islam religion and failed to remove inciting killing against nonbelievers paragraphs from Quran. Reading Quran is radicalizing and inciting Muslims to terrorize against nonbelievers and rewording with beautiful 7 Virgins to who follow Allah instruction from Quran. Politicians must stop lying and must tell Muslims Islam religion needs reform. Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten are scaring of Muslims and they do not dare to tell Muslims Islam religion must reform. They are lying to Australian peoples by Islam religion is religion of peace. If the Islam was religion of peace and then there were no 9/11 and Paris attack.

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Wc626 at Dec. 11, 2015 - 10:16PM JST Typical jihadi wimp.

Not much different to the wimp that needs a collection of semi-automatic weapons to "protect" himself...

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A 15 year old needs psychological help not a prison sentence....

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I'm not so sure I agree. He wants parachuting into the caliphate head first, along with anyone else that wants join the MadBeards...

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He shouldnt use the word bannana to codename "Guns". That was too easy to be decoded.

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