Teen's slaying of Sydney police worker may have terror links


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An example of a fine immigrant into an entirely different culture from what they know or where they'll be happy. To imagine the Australian women walking around in public dressed as they are. The beef they raise and eat, the alcohol they consume. Just terrible. And to top it off at noon on Fridays we are not given time to pray!

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Teen's slaying of Sydney police worker may have terror links

Born in Iran, Iraqi-kurdish teen. You never know what you get. With all this new daily friction going on in Germany between those islamic refugees and ordinary german citizens, they're finally scratching their heads to reconsider.

US should be thinking the same. I don't care too much for D Trump says, but he sure hits the head on the nail when he exposes the reality that IS supporters / sympathizers could be among the ranks of the 200,000 syrian refugees the obama administration is allowing in.

Trump says, if elected, he'll send them back. This would be a "good" thing.

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What's up with Australia? Yet another incident of mindless gun violence?? Two serious incidents in less than a year, murders committed by a deranged loner gunman! I see a trend here, and it's definitely on the rise!

When oh when will they wise up and ban guns?! What's wrong with the country?!

Oh wait...never mind. That narrative doesn't really work here, does it?

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That boy was former child refugee but refugee and migrant are nothing to do with terrorism. However, we can't deny Islam religion was main problem. You can know and understand by researching Islam religion ideology in Quran. The Muslim children are unknowingly radicalized by their Muslim parent. I have visiting to my Muslim friends home many times. They are very religious family and good peoples. My friend children will bring religion book and ask me read but I can't read Arabic. Children will tell me story of book. The book was about rewarding and punishment for children by Allah. Muslim children are growing up with scaring of punishment by Allah in their mind and believing they will be rewarded with 7 beautiful goddesses in heaven if they follow and serve for Allah. Please, read this link because I can't write in here because JD policy doesn't allow to post here.

Deradicalizing Muslim extremism was impossible because the ideology of Islam was permanent anchored in their brain. The best thing is stay away from Islam religion entering your society and your country. That's why East European Governments were refusing to resettle Muslim refugees in their country. It's unfair to accuse them as they are racists, Islamophobic and heartless. They just don't want future problems brought by Islam religion. Politicians and some of ordinary citizens are afraid to speak out truth about what they think and see in Islam religion and it follower Muslims. They don't want left wing liberal right activists accused them as Islamophobic, racist and fascist. We can't be sorting out all peoples see the truth and speak out without afraid of witch hunt by someone. We must understand what Quran said about non Muslims and what Islam see us. We Buddhists, Christians, Hindi, other religion followers and Atheists are infidels for Muslims.

We need to draw line Islam and other religion if we want to live peacefully in this world. Otherwise, all human on the earth must convert to Islam but wait, we must wait for which Islam we should convert Shia Islam or Sunni Islam until Sunni and Shia war end.

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One kid shoots a cop, and now all Muslim immigrants are devils.

By that logic, everyone is bad, because it would be hard to find a group where no members have ever committed a crime/murder.

But it only matters when the group isn't white, right? Non-whites are judged by the actions of any individual in the group, white whites are only judged by the actions of themselves. No hypocrisy there.

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Strangerland, I assume you're responding to Chop Chop, though your first sentence could be your opinion.It's hard to tell. Your final point is equally baffling, given that Chop Chop refers to Buddhists, Christians, and Hindus. That would make the majority of the "we" she or he refers to, non-"white", right?

I feel sorry for all involved, most especially the employee who was shot, and his family. I'm going to go out on a limb and spare a thought for the assassin's family, too. I'll bet they never wanted their son to be a "martyr".

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The killer might get out of jail and continue to receieve his welfare benefits in less than ten years, he is under 18 and is a minor who is eligible to receieve a 'Discounted' imprisonment.

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@elephant200. . . . . Yeah and the local government where he resides will assist him financially when he applies for a student loan.

It's all nonsense. That brat should've never emigrated to the friggn' country to begin with.

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@Elephant2000. The teen was killed. @strangerland. The victim wasn't a policeman and there is a worldwide problem with radicalized Islamist or whatever we should call them and some and many in the West are refugees. I taught many in Australia and there is a problem with some adjusting. Who's to blame.. ?

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Rest in Peace to the poor, innocent father of two - Curtis Cheng. The cowardly little scumbag who savagely killed him was dealt with appropriately - sadly many years too late. Islamists like this backward individual should all go back to the utopias they came from. As an immigrant nation, we will gladly take the hardworking Mr.Chengs instead.

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there is a worldwide problem with radicalized Islamist or whatever we should call them and some and many in the West are refugees.

Of course, and we all know that the actions of the member of the group should be used to judge the entire group, as long as they aren't white, right. Seems legit.

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What about the dude from Jordan who killed in chatanooga TN? The iranian who held hostages in a Sydney cafe? The incident in Paris? The folded plot of an islamic terrorist on a train in France? The islamic convert (white guy) who sruck in Ottawa. . . . (Sorry. No links. Just trust me.)

And now they're roaming around Eastern Europe, frustrated and eager. Soon, US too. That is scary.

there is a worldwide problem with radicalized Islamist

Darn right there is.

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I agree, which is why I'm saying it's absolutely correct to judge the group based on the actions of the individuals, as long as the group is not white.

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The boy was Iran-born teenager Farad Jabar Khalil Mohamma 15 year old. He wasn't lone wolf and he must have at least one or more acquaintance in this well planned attacked on Police. Cheng family has lost their loving father and husband.

Where 15 year boy get gun and who show him how to load and shoot?

Farad Jabar Khalil Mohamma came to Australia as young boy and he didn't have experienced with gun in Iran. Authority has to find out who was behind the attack on NSW Police Force. Politicians and Muslim community's leaders must recognize this incident was not isolated one anymore. Muslim communities in Australia must come forward and confess "yes, we Muslim community has problem and we must do our best to prevent other peoples' hurting by Muslim extremists". All I heard from Muslim community was Government is discriminating them because of they were Muslim. They must acknowledge Muslims are problem in this country and they must fix their problem.

By the way, our coup leader PM Malcolm Turnbull was hidden behind Lucy's skirt and he was scared to come out say something about the latest terrorist attack on Police. It takes Malcolm Turnbull to 24 hours to come out and say it was terrorist attack. This one was example of character of coup leader PM Malcolm Turnbull. Terrorists will take advantage whatever they can get from weak Government. Islam does not mercy on infidels. Please, read here.

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The result of a decade of super-left Labor, not to mention the tens of billions in debt they've put the country in. Western Sydney is a disaster and only getting worse.

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Here's an Idea - Ship the Entire Family BACK to their country when any of them commit violence that is deemed terroristic in nature. Post signs & do an ad campaign in the various languages & DO IT!

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