Temperature hits all-time record 45.8 degrees C in Sydney


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Bushfire's are a common feature of the Australian summer, and climate experts have said that they may become more intense due to global warming.

I love the way that these climate "experts" say that this is due to global warming..... Would not have anything to do with 2 years of wet summers followed by a spell of hot weather and no rain. I.e. a normal summer. Would also have nothing to do with successive pathetic decisions by government for example making it illegal to clear trees from around your house, reducing burn offs in winter and spring to reduce fuel loads, banning cattle grazing from national parks (they forget cattle eat the grass which again reduces fuel loads). Of course it's much easier to throw your hands in the air and cry climate change. A perfect example l live 5km from a national park where a major fire went through 5 years ago. After the fire there was that many dead and dying trees falling on the ground causing new fire hazards. Did they open the park to people to cut firewood and clean up these trees? Nope the greenies had the government threaten everyone with $5000 fines. Not a couple of years later another fire started and destroyed property. Did they learn from their mistake? Nope. Now every hot day we sit at home water tank and fire pump at the ready for the next fire because these Greene do goodes in their air conditioned offices that wouldn't know a tree if they walked into one find it easier to blame global warming rather than their own incompetence.

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I feel sorry for these people. I hope no one dioes from this awful heat.

cracaphat - No, you don't.

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Yes Outta here, of course trees cause record temperatures. I can see how clearly you've thought this out.

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Outta here: global warming influences the general meteorology. It could be warmer in a place while cooler in another. One-off extreme situation might even be 99% influenced by other macro/micro climate parameters. The fact is that unusual or extreme weather will just become more frequent. That's it! It is not a matter of crying, but changing our global habits or adapting to it - if possible!

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Outta here: People are often quick to point out that some record temperature is caused by global warming (hot), or point out some record cold temperature as proof of its non-existence. Local events may be influenced by global warming, or not. Global warming, or climate change as it is now called effects the average worldwide temperature, and that is rising. What is predicted as a result is that local climates may see more radical temperatures, hot or cold. Some areas may see records broken more often. It predicts that weather will become more intense. We have seen examples of this all over the world, ie. hurricanes Irene and Sandy, both 100-year storms coming a year apart. Don't be too quick to dismiss global warming, its a scientific fact. If you choose not to believe in it, that doesn't make it go away.

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Increased average temperature dries-out vegetation faster, meaning that even with normal rainfall brush is more susceptable to burning. I don't think anyone denies that Australia is in the middle of an increased average temperature spell, or that the increased temperatures are another symptom of the global warming trend.

So Outtahere, those dead trees that you weren't allowed to cut up into firewood are the reason property was destroyed in the second fire? Deadfall normally don't make for a brush fire as they're too easily dealt with. They burn SLOW compared to brush. I can't say as I blame them for not letting you have your cattle dropping cow patties all over the park. It pretty much defeats the purpose of a park if the visitors have to spend more time watching out for "land mines" than they do enjoying the park.

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Of course, the aircon at work chose today to die a horrible death. :(

As for global warming... temperatures go up and they go down. The world goes through stages of warming up and cooling down. Even Blind Freddy can see that average world temperatures are currently rising, but that doesn't automatically mean that it is due to man-made causes. Of course, if you speak to a climatologist, they'll point out that natural temperature rises have only ever occurred due to 4 reasons: flares of solar activity from the sun, variations in sunlight, the Earth's orbit, and massive volcanic activity. However, these historic natural causes of global warming do not currently exist at a level that could explain the current rise in average world temperatures. Does that mean that it is definitely man-made causes causing this? No, we can't 100% prove this. We can only show that it is something like 97-98% likely.

And it's in this 2 to 3% window that the crazy people live. If I were to say to you that, if you continue to stand where you are, there is a 98% chance that you will be hit by a bullet, would you move out of the way and ensure your safety, or stand there and say "you haven't proven 100% that I'll be hit by that bullet, so I'm staying here". If it were just you, I'd invoke the spirit of the Darwin Awards and let you face your own (shortened) destiny, but we're all in it together on this one. To take no precautions when the odds are as they are, and to instead cling on to such a small window and claim "but it's not certain", is just madness...

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While everyone is arguing over whether global warming is taking place they are ignoring the real problem, the changes people are going to have to make to survive the changes. We have hundreds of millions of people living along coast lines that will become increasingly more unlivable, where are those people going to move to and when do we start building the new cities to replace the old ones that are flooding. We can plan that now, while i the near future that may become an emergency move. I recall how moving a mere hundred thousand people out of New Orleans proved so expensive and un workable and meanwhile New Orleans is still going to be an impossible place to live. The same is happening with our other oceanside cities world wide. So when do we start planning and managing the necessary move? Australia has a permanent ozone hole nearby, so how does one adapt to less protection from the sun, or do we just let the skin cancer rate mount up? Doing nothing could well prove far more expensive that getting started on the changes.

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The CAUSES of the current global warming trend are a debate all to themselves, but really don't have a place here in this article's discussion. Suffice it to say that the current warming trend is not making lives any easier in Australia.

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Yeah it was a little hard ,nearly 46 degree , a little uncomfortable but only for a short time.In the afternoon ,strong cool wind blew all over Sydney and temperature went right down to about 28 very quickly. it was quite fun to have cold shower under the shade of a tree during hot summer day in Australia,just can't complain.

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I never said trees cause record tempuratures, I was talking about the bush fires that are also mentioned in the article. And how these global warming experts have attributed these to global warming as well. Maybe try reading....

Andre hut,

You actually hit the nail on the head with your comment about one in a hundred year storms. So if they are 1 in a 100 year torms and global warming is a recent event well what caused them last time.

If you look at the temp records most previous records where set in the late 1800s to mid 1900s so where was global warming then? Why was it so hot back then? Is it just possible that this is nature?

No it's easier to blame global warming right? Especially here in Australia, it would be hard to justify a carbon tax if it was purely a natural event

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@Outta here

"I love the way that these climate "experts" say that this is due to global warming"

The truth is there are experts on both sides with facts and exaggeration. I don't know which side is right.

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Hide Suzuki

The truth is there are experts on both sides with facts and exaggeration. I don't know which side is right.

Couldn't agree more.... It's just sad that every single weather phenomenon these days is blamed on global warming.

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"Climate experts said they may have beckme more intense because of global warming". That made me laugh. Does anyone seriously believe that garbage any more? I thought they had changed the wording to "Cllimate Change" recently, becuase of the fact there has been NO global warming for the past 20 years. Australians are suffering from Gillard's insane Carbon Tax. That is what all this environmental alarmism is all about...big bucks. They are all on the bandwagon now, but are finding it more and more difficult, because more and more people are aware of the lies. Its all a scam, and I find it disgusting that they use natural disasters to try to justify their political ideology, and also to tax us into the ground. Australia has high temperatures at this time of year because it is called SUMMER.

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