Ten years on, Bali remembers bomb dead


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As an Australian I would loooove to talk to one of these craven ungodly cowards on behalf of my murdered countrymen.

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Heartfelt condolences to Austrailia and everyone else, and thier loved ones, that were injured or lost thier lives in Bali that night. For those that it affected, I hope you can move on and become a stronger person because of this tragedy.

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Why do Australians or for that matter anybody keep going to Bali after all of this terrorism??

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Elbuda, the Balinese are good people and they would deeply effected if the tourism industry collapse. Been there last year and i can't wait to go there again. Condolences to the survivors

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Thanks Fidaruzki, I am sure the Balinese are good people,but the terrorists who support all of this hate and violence not only for Indonesia but for the whole world?? How can Indonesia promise us we will be safe while in that country?? You know, just one of those concerns, not wanting to get blown up into pieces while trying to enjoy myself on some tropical island, right??

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Rest in Peace to all the victims of these cowards. Very emotional time for us Aussies travelling around the world at the time of the attacks.

Why do Australians or for that matter anybody keep going to Bali after all of this terrorism??

It's dirt cheap, Elbuda. Cheaper to fly there from Sydney or Melbourne for a week than stay in a hotel in our own Aussie cities! Even schoolkids from Aus go there on school holidays.

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Elbuda, I supposed so. but then again, so does London or Bangkok or even Tokyo for that matter. How would anybody tells me it is safe to walk the streets in those places or take a ride in the train when they have the sarin gas incident and London bombing?

I guess we just have to take the chance.

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