Tenants prepare for unknown as U.S. eviction moratorium ends


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Biden promised to help these people.

Now he does nothing.

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Really hard to tell what's going to happen next.

Someone could have lost their job 8 month ago, fallen behind on a few months rent, then got a new job, and can now pay the rent but can't pay the back rent. Will a landlord evict someone over back rent who now has a job and can pay next months rent? Evictions take time and money, not to mention usual maintenance like new paint and carpet. Will they do that to get a new tenant who will pay the same amount as the old tenant?

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The states were given the money and need to get it to the people with rent problems. Mass homelessness will not help anyone.

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SCOTUS undermined Biden. The claim that he promised and didn't deliver is bs.

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If Biden is a dictator, he would go against the Supreme Court

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Bank have record profits

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Biden can order the liberal states like New York to make the payments.

he hides behind the vacationing Congress.

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My state stepped up. If you have applied for assistance you wont be evicted. Gives time for the backlog of applications to be processed and the 43 billion in available aid to be dispersed.

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So she has 2 pets and a $3000 leather couch, but can't pay rent? That just shows poor planning to me. Most states have 30 day eviction notices. Some 60 days are required. Renters would love to never pay rent again. It doesn't matter if the owners go bankrupt to them.


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If Biden is a dictator, he would go against the Supreme Court

He should, he’s gone very close, so it would make sense, he shouldn’t stop now.

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So she has 2 pets and a $3000 leather couch, but can't pay rent? 

My pets are my family members. Would you sell a kid if you couldn’t make rent?

The couch was likely bought way before the pandemic. Selling it now wouldn’t help much.

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About 40 activists headed to Pelosi's home on Saturday to tape an "eviction notice" on her door to remind the speaker that millions of Americans will be facing eviction starting this weekend while she sleeps comfortably in her posh home. 

good job!

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Well it was the GOP who blocked any extension. Not sure why Pelosi would be blamed, unless they are getting their news from bad sources.

The issue with the money is that you have 50 states trying to create their own distribution system that can't be done overnight. Then you have applications that need to he submitted, reviewed, and approved.

An extension would have helped, but who knows of they could have done it in time anyway.

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GOP didn’t block this, they are the minority and can’t. The House of Representatives could be in session right now debating this and voting.

Dems chose vacation for 1.5 months over the people.

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An extension would have helped, but who knows of they could have done it in time anyway.

They knew 6 months ago about the expiration. Had everyone gotten vaccinated in the US since May when it was no-line, no waiting here, most of these people would be in jobs today.

The owners have been paying to support their tenants all this time. That is not fair? Congress could have passed a law that the banks were forced to freeze all mortgages for owners with less than $1M is rental property, provided the rents were frozen too. The money needs to flow through from renter, to owner, to bank or not at all.

For larger, corporate owners, something different would need to worked with a phase in towards payments full over a few months as people get back to work.

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Pelosi said she just found out “yesterday”.

there was enough time. Just not enough time before vacation started and not important enough for them to stay and work.

We only learned of this yesterday," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Friday evening after the House tried and failed to pass legislation that would extend the federal eviction moratorium. 

"There was not enough time to socialize it within our caucus as well as to build a consensus necessary,"

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