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Tens of millions in CIA 'ghost money' paid to Afghan president's office: New York Times


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We can't afford to fund our schools, infrastructure, or hospitals, but will poor trillions into setting up puppet states.

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Poor = pour

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Obama, the tent folder in chief decided to defeat Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, and this ghost money to the corrupted one should not happen under his watch; the anointed one. What happen? Karzai starts acting tough as he learns from the Iraqi government in dealing with Obama. Enticing and bribery the corrupted powerful officials only lead to more corruption, since they never have enough. The world is full of these kind of peoples who abusing the mass for themselves. What a shame.

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Absolutely Shameless! Just the tip of the iceberg here,i'm afraid,- So Much Blood Money& the blood of so many lives all around. I say let them kill each other & bring our troops O U T N O W !

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One step forward, one step back.

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I presume all that money can't buy nor stop the desertion and loyalty. Pathetic.

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Nothing wrong with buying a little influence. If it saves just one American life, it's well worth it.

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The U.S. has been paying "ghost money" for years. ABC News in 2010:

Two American trucking executives, speaking on the condition of anonymity, say the payment structure goes beyond that depicted by the House report, detailing an intricate system whereby the American military is handing over billions of dollars to companies that bribe insurgents, warlords, road bandits and even corrupt Afghan police and soldiers to hold their fire as the trucks roll past dangerous stretches of highway.

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This is a well known fact. Why now?

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Say it isn't so; government is corrupt. And every one of the officials, and their minions who participated, should spend the rest of their corrupt lives on chain gangs at hard labor, including the one at the top.

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Just a reminder of another way the sheeple's hard-earned tax-confiscation loot is squandered.

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If this continued for more than a decade, then this continued after Leon Panetta became CIA Director.

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Serrano: "If this continued for more than a decade, then this continued after Leon Panetta became CIA Director."

Exactly, and meaning it started with your pal GWB while you guys were bragging about purple thumb prints. In any case, it needs to stop, even though that'll mean the moron Karzai running to the Taliban for help. The war achieved nothing.

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The U.S. has been paying "ghost money" for years.

Yes, indeed. For many, many years, to all kinds of recipients. Absolutely no surprises here.

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smith: "you guys were bragging about purple thumb prints"

You're confusing Afghanistan with Iraq.

"The war achieved nothing"

Your guy Obama wouldn't say that. Lessee... the awful Taliban kicked out of power, at least in Kabul, Osama bin Laden and a bunch of other terrorists killed or captured, Afghan girls going to school again, people flying kites again, people playing music again...

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Not exactly breaking news, only that we've just been guessing the size of the bribes until now.

That Karzai - whattaguy. English teachers take note - this could be an example to your students how having good English can benefit the whole family!

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Ghost money is nothing new throughout history of war times,but two blind mice are not meant for all mice to be blinded. To blame GB for this is very senseless shallow aiming at the wrong target. Karzai's corrupted status has been known for years, but Obama, under his watch provided this gift to Afghanistan. Well, Obama has gift for America too, biggest deficit increase ever that might rob future generation.

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They say if you see one cockroach, there are 30 more that you didn't see.

I wonder how many untold billions the CIA has wasted on other lost causes?

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US has the right to do whatever they want to protect or promote their interests. The others must follow their rules.

As long as you say god bless America, everything is fine!

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I don't believe in ghost money.

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Most likely just drug money kick-backs from the CIA/Afghan opium trade. 90%+ of world Opium production.

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Open Minded, making sure American citizens have food to eat, jobs to go to, and schools to send their children to is NOT in America's best interest? What's your logic behind this? God bless America? He had better, because we're socially, politically, and financially on a cliff and about to fall off.

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I think Open Minded-san is being sarcastic.

At least I hope s/he is!

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