2nd typhoon lashes northern Philippines


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raj you are right. All these people who are in power 'do you think they care? The idiot Imelda Marcos said in a documentary that then poor people of the country will rejoice when they see Imelda dressed in expensive cloths, and they will be happy for her. No matter what she wears she is ugly, she does not realize that, you think the others in power is any different?

JT why don't you collect and distribute medical supplies and other items such as tents, shets, blankets, clothing, baby stuff etc.? Don't collect money.

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bushlover: "Send cash to help them? How about medicine and medical supplies? Wouldn't that be better? Tents for shelter etc. Cash is the last thing they need."

Damn... actually agree with you.

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Why every time there is quake/typhoons,they need volunteers. Volunteers take time,to form. In Disasters,time is biggest importance to help/rescue people.

Why can't National governments get together, be ever ready to take, pro-active solutions to these problems of quakes/typhoons, before they happen.

These quakes/typhoons they keep happening all over the world.

The world ,does it not have quake fault lines underground.

Does not the sea,the low pressure/high pressure,blow up typhoons everywhere.

Nations are ignoring these woes,which are being caused by typhoons/quakes now and in the future.

The nations,they just want to believe,nothing can go wrong and there is no future quakes/typhoons in their lands, which are near faultlines/typhoon zones.

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Essential food items, milk powder and medicnes are definitely better than cash. Or get together with your friends and collect cash together and go to the disaster hit areas and do a few days of relief work. the experience you get is so valuable you will never forget. 2004 tsunami in Asia- my father and I went to the local ICRC and volunteered in packing and loading the relief items.

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Wanna send cash to the Phil to help the victims? Send them to a trusted organization like religious missionaries and NGOs. They won't pocket them and if they would they'll live a miserable life of guilt... politicians don't have guilt, I guess.

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How about APEC countries/Asean/UN/US/Japan/Asia,uniting to form 1 Big Thunder organisation of Anti-Disaster teams from many nations to rescue/help people .

This will make them more pro-active to protect/save people when typhoon/quakes thunderstrike in APEC/ASIA/ASEAN/ELSEWHERE.

Nations need to be more pro-active in organising anti-disaster teamwork teams from all nations.

Thundersrikes form quakes/typhoons need more pro-active actions from Big thunder equipment machine power teamwork from many nations in anti disaster relief works.

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Let's see if regional countries are up to the challenge to get emergency supplies to the Philippines,Samoan islands, Taiwan and Indonesia. The day will come when cargo planes will be able to drop ship supplies to the proper locations immediately after these types of disaster. It would be nice if it could be done now.

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Do not send cash to the Philippines, it will just goes in the pockets of the dirty politicians, gov't heads even the President.

Agree with bushlover, it is better to send Foods, Medicine, Tents....

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Send cash to help them? How about medicine and medical supplies? Wouldn't that be better? Tents for shelter etc. Cash is the last thing they need.

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My heart goes out to the wonderful people of the Philippines at this time. They certainly dont need this, and I hope thatv rich countries will send cash to help them.

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