Tens of thousands march in Paris to back traditional family


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If religious institution want to keep the marriage definition, I'm fine with it. The governments on the other hand, shouldn't. Good for France for going forward. Sexuality is wired in the brain. Kids don't turn gay/lesbian because the parents are. I wonder how many demonstrators are themselves divorced or from divorced couples. I wonder how many would turn out for a law banning divorce. That difference is society growing up.

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Making gay marriages legal isn't about forcing everyone else to have gay marriages, it is about extending equal rights to the 10% of the population that is not hetero. Why can't people get that?

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Not too sure if gay marriage and allowing gays to adopt children in France is legal but does anyone know this and “Two Fathers, Two Mothers, Children With No Bearings”—a slogan that rhymes in French.In the original French?? By the way, I think it is a bit too late for the Catholic Church in France to try and press their so called family values. A bit too little and too late. Non??

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@Elbuda "Deux pères, deux mères, enfants sans repères",

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@TumbleDry By the way you think-"sexuality is wired in the brain"-then youd have no problem understanding that genders are different (unlike the program that the education department is experimenting with, "combating stereotypes"), and that children are produced where there is one of each gender. I dont see how telling that truth is confusing to children. I understand that there is a homosexual stance. But this article is not about that. Or is that too hard to understand? Arent people allowed to say they think that children are formed by a male and a female?

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Like hollande and his clique are going to take any notice.....

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Illsayit: the parents and the kids are mostly a product of the society we live in. People say what they want but what they say is wrong.

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@RowanM, merci! It looks so cool in French!

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