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Tens of thousands of South Koreans call for Park to quit


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"yellow fluorescent jackets" Now I can sleep st night.

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Well, thats what you get when you elect a president who is the daughter of the authoritarian military dictator who took over the country by coup and ruled for nearly 20 years until assassination. Funny that the article here only mentions the "military dictator" part, and not the fact of how it was her dad.

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Maybe it's time for the South Koreans to demand breaking up the chaebol companies that literally run that country. Breaking them up may just promote real representative democracy there for a change.

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Find someone better than her first. Anger and hatred will solve nothing.

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Let's not be confused. The Korean people are demonstrating against her They are not confused. They are Nutt demonstrating against her because she is the daughter of her father. .

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Quick Park, make more accusations and demands against Japan about Comfort Women, it's the only way to distract the people and save your presidency!

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I can understand why they are calling on Park to quit. What I cannot understand is why they ever elected her in the first place.

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