Texas college student stabs 14 in rampage


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Praying the two in critical condition make it through the night.

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Lucky he did not use a gun - many would have died - that is without doubt. Hope the poor victims pull through.

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It seems odd that this would happen in the state that promotes open carry laws and insists that 2nd amendment rights will prevent crimes like this from happening. Guess all those gun owners were somewhere else when this jerk pulled a knife...

I'll also pray for the two in critical to recover.

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Guess all those gun owners were somewhere else when this jerk pulled a knife...

Chances are the School bans guns on its grounds.

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How did he injure so many people?

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What kind of worries me is that this happens so often in that part of the world that when I went to Yahoo to check the story, I had a look at what is trending now and "Breastaurant" was first and this attack was number 6.

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Maybe forgot to take his meds.

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What kind of crazy fool in Texas attacks others!! And with a knife?? What happened to all them AK 47s being sold out of the backs of old Chevy pick ups on the side of the road?? Just kidding folks! Actually these students are just plain lucky that this one crazy idiot fool could not get himself a machine gun, etc...

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This is why everyone needs to carry around Japanese swords. That's they only way to deter these maniac stabbers.

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Is it just the media focus, or are more insane violent rampages happening all across the world, e.g., the door-to-door murderer in Serbia and the daycare shooter in Quebec just this last week? Remember the Chengpeng school stabbings last December? Is humanity wigging out; are the fringes starting to unravel?

I seem to recall a dystopian SciFi story about a brain wrecking virus causing people to suddenly snap and go on a violence spree, and while that was fantasy, sociologists are now exploring the idea of a form of social virus that can infect / motivate actions subconsciously. In the past, law enforcement often called this "copycat syndrome", but what if it's becoming increasingly involuntary in more than a few?

I actually hope it's just media attention - deserved as it may be, because if it's more than that, the prospects are frightening...

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Thankfully , he didn't have a firearm .

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A wacko is wacko, gun, knife, baseball bat, or unarmed can be deadly. A reference to not taking his meds was made....are "meds" a common denominator?

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He was quoted by police as saying he had envisioned doing something like this since elementary or JHS. Sounds like a stable chap.

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