Texas executes man despite opposition from Mexico


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May he burn in Hell: An EYE for an EYE.

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Who are you to judge that he should burn in hell for something you didn't see and know very little about? Even if you believe he should be executed, that's where your judgement ends. You have no authority to judge his moral character.

I hope he's in a better place, even though I hate that he did what he did.

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You have no authority to judge his moral character.

People judge each other's moral character all the time. In this case, this man shot a police officer in the back of the head and neck. I would say it is fair game to talk about his moral character or lack of it.

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Murder is wrong, bit so is capital punishment which has been abolished by more countries, including at least 18 of the American States, than those which continue with its use? The continued use of the death sentence by some American States has done nothing to reduce or deter murder.

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I am perfectly qualified to judge the moral character of a man who shot a police officer in the head to escape the consequences of his criminal lifestyle.

There are valid reasons to question the application of the death penalty, but this man was guilty of the crime of which he was accused. He deserves what he got.

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Let me RESTATE That: He is PRESENTLY, burning in Hell. "Game Over / Game ON " :

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Let it be one of your family members and come back on JT and see if you can say the same thing. I'll bet you otherwise.

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Let it be one of your family members and come back on JT and see if you can say the same thing. I'll bet you otherwise.

You lose the bet. If one of my family members commits a robbery, gets caught, then pulls a gun and shoots a police officer at point blank range in the back of the head, then I have NOTHING to say about what sentence that family member receives. That family member CHOSE to commit the robbery and CHOSE to conceal the gun so that they could use it to kill a police officer in an attempt an escape in a state that makes it a capital crime to kill a police officer. Therefore, that family member CHOSE to receive the death penalty for committing a capital crime. I can't say ANYTHING about that family member except, "What a f*&king moron. I'm embarrassed to admit he is from the same family tree as me."

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Sounds pretty open and shut to me - if he has the mental capacity to attempt a robbery and to also successfully hide a weapon then he is more than capable of aiding his own defense. His actions at the execution are pretty clear that he knew what he was doing. There does not appear to be any reasonable justification for this animal's actions.

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Secretary of State John Kerry previously asked Abbott to delay Tamayo’s punishment, saying it ''could impact the way American citizens are treated in other countries.''

At least two other inmates in circumstances similar to Tamayo’s were executed in Texas in recent years.

Bad guy got his just desserts. Fair enough. But let's not hear any Texans in trouble in foreign countries b1tching that their rights under the '63 Vienna convention were violated.

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