Texas sues Biden administration over halt to deportations


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Texas needs to secede from the union. Many Texans have long wanted that, wanted their own Republic of Texas. The most worrying thing about Texas going its own way would be losing federally backed protections for birds at places like Big Bend.

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“Failure to properly enforce the law will directly and immediately endanger our citizens and law enforcement personnel,”

... says a guy who should be more worried about his own problems! Looks like he wants to be a second Trump.

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Texas isn't leaving the Union. There are a bunch of US Military bases there. SA alone has over 12 - I lost count when my parents lived there.

Texas and Mexico are tied together by families on both sides of the border and many shared cultures. Visit San Antonio or anywhere south and west of there, you'll see. It has always been a porous border, except near cities. Canoeing in Big Bend is on the US/Mex border - the Rio Grande - just be careful to always camp on the "left" bank, so you don't accidentally entire Mexico. Los federales are watching. Beautiful place.

I don't have any problem with Texas filing a lawsuit against the Feds around unfunded immigration mandates. If the feds want to pay to properly care for the humans being allowed and forced into Texas, great, to a point. The let-them-in-first immigration policy is broken, badly. It is the same as having people line up first-come, first-served for COVID shots. Crazy. US Immigration should require reservations, IMHO. Reservations would allow for correct care, integration, job placement, training, for how things work in the US.

Once met someone who planned to disappear inside the US after arriving on a plane from South America. That was his entire plan. One person isn't a big deal. Thousands every month is a big deal, especially when they arrive completely destitute by American standards.

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I would be interested if the majority of Texans actually support secession from the most successful engine of political, social, economic opportunity in the world. It would be very surprising to see them supporting this idea over something so frivolous as immigration, especially considering so many Texans are of Mexican heritage, or have Mexican relatives, wives, husbands, friends, etc.. This idea that Texas can secede and become an enclave of conservativism, is the failed fantasy of closeted white supremacists. By the way, the biggest loss to Texas, next to the loss of a government of the people, by the people, for the people, would be the loss of the federal funds that the United States supplies to keep the Texas economy afloat.

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But now is not the time, Biden should serve 100 days first, they should just move on, for unity.

That’s how it goes, right?

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This lawsuit comes from the same attorney general who tried to get the Supreme Court to intervene in elections in other states.

It failed badly on the most fundamental of legal grounds that a first year law student would know.

This appears to be another waste of time for political grandstanding.

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Texas doesn't make federal laws or policy. What Texas does do, is exploit the labor of those illegal immigrants to the fullest.

Texas needs to check its hypocrisy.

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With all due respect, Mr. Paxton, you are an immoral criminal. You have been sued for ethics violations by your own employees. Stick it

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We sure made a mistake years ago when we fought Mexico for Texas...we should have let them have it....

They'd now have to be dealing with clowns like Cruz and Gohmert...

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I think Mr. Paxton is going to have a very hard time convincing a judge that the great state of Texas is going to suffer any harm much less irreparable harm. His case, in all likelihood, will be thrown out for lack of standing.

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Thousands every month is a big deal, especially when they arrive completely destitute by American standards

You mean just like my wife and my grandparents? The immigrants I know work harder and are more appreciative than most of the white Americans I know.

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