Thai PM rejects ultimatum by 100,000 protesters to dissolve parliament


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Payback is a bitch! What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

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Maybe, but mob rule is not a good option for either fowl.

"new methods would be used to pressure the government"

Elections would be an option. How about that?

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Just dissolve the current "illegal government" and go back to "election system". If even government obtains power by illegal mean, who will respect the law?

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"illegal government"

i don't know how can it be illegal when the government was formed by the majority of elected parameter members. a group of representative from the red camp help form this government. big group of representative from the no-color camp also in there with the yellow camp.

you call it illegal, so what is legal government should be? waring all red, listen to no one, massive corruption, massive vote buying just like when thaksin was a PM?

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parameter > parliament

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Legal government IS the government elected by majority of Thai people through election. If the elected government later turns out to be corrupt ,you have to wait until the next election ,overthrowing him by force is illegal. Thaksin might be corrupt but he had(and still has) the support of rural people and he ran Thai economy well.

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