Thai police revive royal defamation law ahead of protest


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Lousy caption. Why not explain what the three-fingered gesture is?

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3 finger salute was inspired by the Hunger Games use of it, where the ordinary folks used it as a symbol of rebellion against the elites.

Thai students borrowed it, and esp apply it towards the monarchy.

Should be more widely used imo.

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Doesn’t the new king live in $5000 a night suites in Europe most of the time?

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GLTY, you are correct, the king is rarely in his own country. While his own suite might be $5000 per night, news reports indicated that he and his entourage rent out an entire hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the Alps, so the nightly cost is easily hundreds of thousands of Euros.

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One finger isn't enough to convey the anger of a ridiculous extravagant tax payer funded "royalty" that rarely even live there, four fingers and a thumb in a fist shape pounding down the military royalty. Not a Suprise people are angry. Not a Suprise the rulers are brutal, too much to lose.

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If Thailand wants to preserve it's monarchy for tradition and history, then it needs to join the 21st Century. Fighting and suppressing progress will only turn the monarchy into an outdated evil in the eyes of the populace.

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Cant criticise the excesses of the "Royal" family? Madness. I have seen footage of the so-called Thai "king" forcing his concubines kiss his dirty feet. Sicko.

Im starting to think its time to boycott Thailand and Thai goods until they remove the dictatorship and install democracy and freedom.

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he and his entourage rent out an entire hotel 

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is gorgeous. Rejoice at your sovereign's great taste, Thai plebs!

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The Thai king?

What a waste of space!

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Cancel culture spreads.

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Cancel culture spreads.

And rightly so if it can rid the world of overfed parasitical elites battening on the sweat and suffering of the laboring multitudes as evidenced by the egregious example of the figurehead Thai monarchy and the baleful influence of fascist militarism behind the throne.

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Not only is royalty a ridiculous concept in this day and age but the whole notion that there should be a law preventing people from criticizing them is beyond defense.

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God to see the Thai people standing up in protest against the country’s police state and demanding that democratic and human rights be respected.

Meanwhile, in my country, people are protesting because masks can be itchy sometimes.

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if Princess Sirindhorn could be queen she could unit Thailand. Keep it up students I miss the LOS. Lived there for 3 years.

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