Thai princess' bid for PM scuttled as party obeys royal command


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Did she she get a face job? Older and newer pics look like it.

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Did she she get a face job? Older and newer pics look like it.

it looks as if she smiles too much her cheeks would snap.

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the Thai king torpedoed the bid in a sharply worded statement the same day that said bringing senior royal family members into politics is against tradition, national culture and "highly inappropriate."

A wise King. The Princess may have been a great PM, but the love of the King's family in Thailand is tremendous that few, if any, would vote against her regardless of job performance. Best to avoid that conflict.

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She's not missing anything. The race for PM always ends up in a Thai.

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The king doesnt even live in Thailand he lives in Germany!!!! Strange character the apple feel far from the tree as his father was so loved.

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Maybe the junta is getting used to its power and they don’t want any other voices to be heard-In the interim the environment and the people suffer through lack of clear decision making.......

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